Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ross Boss Projects: Pinball Wizard #AdobeEduAwards

This might be one of the coolest teacher made Science sites I have ever seen. I am not a Science teacher, so it takes something special to really pull me in for Science content and this is simply amazing.

Ross Cooper submitted this website he created using Adobe products to the Adobe Education Exchange. By using Flash Professional, Illustrator, Photoshop; Ross was able to create an interactive site for a STEM unit in which fourth grade students learn about electricity & magnetism and force & motion. As the students learn, they build pinball machines! Did you read that? The kids will be creating these digital pinball machines and learning about important Science content. If I had a chance to do this in school I might be a Science teacher. Well, that or a Pinball Machine Repairman. :-)

I had a chance to play around on this awesome interactive site and I loved every second of it. I see that this would be super engaging for boys and girls in 4th grade as they cover these topics in their Science class. Ross has done an amazing job using these Adobe tools to create a one of kind interactive website for students to use in class or at home. I truly had no idea that this type of project was possible using Adobe tools. I really need to dive into CS5 and see what I can do.

Ross has a chance to win some great prizes because he decided to share is awesome lesson with teachers on the Adobe Education Exchange. He is currently in first place in the Cross Curricular Category and would love it if you would vote for him if you like what he has created. You could also be in the running for great prizes. Join the Adobe Education Exchange and submit a lesson. Pass it around to your friends so they can join up and vote for your lesson. Check out my last post for more details.

- @TheNerdyTeacher

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  1. Nicholas,

    I really appreciate the positive feedback. It is a pleasure to have my work posted on the Adobe Education Exchange... Thanks a lot for the support.



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