Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Acadam Helps Students Find Tutors

A friend passed along a link to this site that is set up for students to find tutors and for teachers to find students to tutor. I wasn't sure what to think of it, but once I sat down and looked at the site, I thought it was pretty cool.

According to their About Me page,

Welcome to Acadam, a website that puts students and tutors in touch.

With Acadam, students can create tutor requests explaining the areas they need help in, getting immediate replies from tutors in their e-mail. Parents and students alike are also encouraged to browse the Tutor Directory to find the tutor that they feel best suits their needs.

Public profile - Remember a full profile is more attractive to students

Tutor Directory - Thousands of tutors ready to help!

Tutors create individual profiles that showcase what subjects they teach, their availabilities, and much more. They are pinpointed on Google Maps with their range of travel, making it easier than ever to find a tutor near to you. Have you found the perfect tutor in a different city? No problem! With Acadam’s convenient Virtual classroom, students and tutors are now connected worldwide.

Virtual Classroom - Acadam's virtual classroom connects students worldwide

Invoice - Tutors are able to create and manage their invoices through Acadam.

I love the fact that it is designed with the students AND the teachers in mind. Every person has a specific need and Acadam allows the students and tutors to create the system that works for them. By being a central hub for teachers and students, it makes connecting that much easier.

I personally do not have the time to tutor students, but I do have friends that do tutoring after school. Our teacher contract forbids us from tutoring students that are in our district. What Acadam does is set up teachers to reach out to students who live outside of the district who need tutoring help.

I also like the fact that Acadam does not take a cut of the fee that tutors charge. The price of tutoring is set by the student and the tutor. By cutting out the middle man, students can get great tutoring service for a cheaper price.

Another cool feature is they do have a virtual classroom for tutors to offer online tutoring for students who might not live close enough to travel. This is a great idea and I think it could be great on those wintry days where travel might not be possible or safe. I think this is an excellent feature for teaches and students to consider.

If you are thinking about tutoring students on the side, I would suggest that you check out to see if it fits your needs.

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  1. This site makes it easy for both students and teachers in a tutor situation. It's as easy to find a math tutor as it is for tutors to receive their compensation.


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