Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Nerdy Reflection on 2013

I generally am not a fan of "Year in Review" posts or articles, but I felt that this year has been really special for me and this is the space I use to share my thoughts, so here it goes.

The thing that stands out to me most in 2013 are my friends. Everything I've done has been, in part, because of the support of my friends. I was recognized in my state as the Tech Teacher of the Year (MACUL) and by ISTE as the Teacher of the Year. These are awards that are still shocking to me because I know so many great educators that are also deserving of recognition. These honors are because I have been lucky enough to surround myself with people that support my crazy ideas and have told me where I need to make changes. Awards are never about success on an individual level. We all get to where we are with a little help from our friends.

I travelled more than any other year in 2013 working to spread edtech awesomeness to others. Part of that was giving a Keynote with my buddy +Timothy Gwynn. I travelled to San Francisco, Indiana (twice) and many parts in between. I was able to meet so many great educators face to face and learn what they are doing in their classroom and take parts of that and add it to my tool belt. While I was brought it to impart to teachers and admins they things they can do to add tech as part of their classroom lives, I always left with new ideas that got me excited.

I also travelled the country on a road trip with +Timothy Gwynn. We drove from Indiana to San Francisco and had some amazing conversations with dedicated educators. Thank you to everyone that came out and shared your thoughts with me. I learned so much about education around the country and know there is so much more to learn. I hope I have a chance to do this type of trip again and share with everyone what I learned.

I will be writing a book for Corwin publishing. It will be about Cloud Computing and the different tools out there that allow students and educators to work in the cloud. This is my first book with a publisher and I'm excited/nervous about the process. I know my friends will be there to support me along the way.

The #EduBroAwards were another great success and we can't wait to hastily through together the best awards show in education in 2014.

The one thing I can promise to bring back for 2014 is #NerdyCast. I was shocked to see #NerdyCast still on lists for top ed podcasts. I haven't done a NerdyCast since December 2012 and the BAM! was just a disaster. As busy as I have been this year, it is the one thing I missed most and it has to do with the fact that I get to talk with friends. #NerdyCast will be something I aim to do once a month and I just need to get Tim on board as my co-host and we will have the best ed show on the interwebs. Tweet him and tell him he needs to do it.

I hope everyone has a great and safe New Year's Even and Day. Thanks for all of the support you have given me and my crazy ideas. I hope to keep you entertained for 2014.

Lesson for 2013: I'm nothing without the support and love of my friends and family. Thanks Jen, Leo and my PLN. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

The #BestEdTech Awards for #OETC14 - Check them out!

Online voting is now open for the #BestEdTech Awards! All nominations were received from peers and now voting is open to help make these nominees the winner!

#OETC14 will recognize the work of schools, colleges, programs, teachers, administrators and tech coordinators from around the state through these awards.


OETCx is the official un-conference of the Ohio Educational Technology Conference. This participant-driven day-long event offers alternative learning experiences to the traditional conference sessions and creates space for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and creativity. OETCx mixes new presentation formats, like Ignite-style talks, app smack downs, genius bar and interactive panels with unstructured time for smaller critical conversations to spontaneously occur.

Discover more about what OETCx is all about!


Thursday, December 19, 2013

The #EduBroAwards 2.0 Live

Here are the #EduBroAwards! Enjoy and leave a comment. 

Here are your badges!

@teamanastasisMost outstanding school that ever existed award
Krissy Venosdale (@venspired)Best Inspirational Posters
"Mock Me. Repeatedly." by Betsy Bird (@FuseEight)BEST TITLE TO A BLOG POST
@techyturnerMost likely to share an inspirational quote on FB
@art_cathyhuntBest memes for any occasion
@bestmscott"Most awesome baby bump award"
@BigPurpleHatBest hat in a Twitter profile
@ccshriver, @montysays @teach2connectBest Presenters to Simultaneously Wear Polka Dots
@christianlong"Best 'at another airport' tweet"
@chriswejrBest Resource of Why Awards Don't Encourage Learning (except these awards)
@cmcgee200Most likely to take over an app smackdown for a really fun game
@cmcsartTrying her best to figure twitter out
@cybraryman1Most extensive online resource curator
@danahboydMost Thoughtful Keynote
GwynnBest Mustachioed Rugby Player
@DaveGuymonMost likely to go 3rd person
@dowbigginTakes Karaoke To A Whole New Leve
@dweissmo"best donkey kick in education"
@EdCampCraneBest EdCamp mascot
@greeneyegal @jeanking @stacy_lord @fuglefun @smelvin @iansands @campbellartsoup @craigr @NobelMaiden15 Susan Bivona and @theresamcgee Best Recreation of a Lego Representation of the #artsed PLN
@j_allen"Most likely to make you lol in the comment section award"
@j_allen and @catlett1DadsinEd award
@jedipadmaster (Toby Price)best Twitter Avatar
Beth StillMost likely to find a really awesome place to stay for ISTE.
@JenDragottaBlog Title that Most Reflects their Actual Personality - Overly Enthusiastic Teacher
@jenwagnerTotally talkative on Twitter and a total Introvert F2F:
@joe_bower"Best BS caller award"
@justintarteMost likely to type "BOOM" in a tweet
@kevinhoneycuttMost likely to be rocking out on his guitar on any given day
@kleinerinThe "When Does She Sleep" Award
@KtBkr4, @jbretzmann, @agudteach Best Twitter Collaborators
Amber Teaman Team #cute captain
@mattBgomezTeam #Nocuteallowed captain
@matthewquigley"Best at lassoing children at recess award"
@mcteachBest tweets about middle school kids
@nancybabbitt"Best baked goods award"
@amandacdykesThe "I hope she isn't driving while she takes that photo" award
@NikkiRobertson @SOMSlibraryBEST (& Most FUN!) AASL Session Crash
@PaulHamilton8 - augmented realityMost profound technology addiction
@paulrwoodNicest guy around
@dianeewood"Super awesome" and "really good people" award
@petersonjeffreyBest Twitter Avatar
@plnaugleBest leader by example
@RafranzDavisMost likely to share the work of her incredible nephew and make us all think we want that kid in our class
@ramusallumBest Mind Blowing Idea Generator
@shareskiBest Pants and Most Likely to catch a TWSS
@andycinek Best Tweet To Disrupt an Award Show
@shellterrell"Never sleeps- especially during online conferences- award"
@sjunkins referring to his inability to be dark and handsome like @gcourosBest bromance
@ssandifer Makes me smile when they tweet:
@Stephen_H"Best use of inspirational quotes on Twitter"
@StevenJmoggBest Sweater Vest Teacher Game
@tbbrwnBest free range tweeting
@tchildersBest snapshot into life without Google Glass
@tcockrumBest Award Ceremony Attendee Dressed Like a Homeless Man Going to a Job Interview
@teach42 Best Twitter Avatar
@edusumThe Summer isn't Really Summer Without Summer Award
@techclassroom, @amiet731Best Encourager
@techninjatoddBest Tech Ninja
@Techsavyed (Ben Rimes)Most likely to promote #miched in a tweet or post or screencast or G+ post or....
@twilhelmus"Wind Beneath Brett Clark's Wings Award"
#DThinkBest non-education Twitter Chat that educators should check out
#grammarbandnamesBest hashtag
#leydenprideBest Hashtag
Alice Keeler - @alicekeeler"swiss army knife" of ed tech
Alison Anderson @tedrosececiThe Lifetime Pinot Grigio Award
All Librarians"Most likely to be the most awesome librarian ever."
@ktenkely"kind of a big deal award (with many leather bound books)"
AndersonBest Ginger Tall Hugs
Arne DuncanBest Attempt at Learning by Doing
Chris Casal (@mr_casal)First Comment Award
Christine Ruder (@jhox1)Most Likely to be Found at a Midwestern Edcamp
Curt ReesMost likely to leave his own podcast because there's a pressing moment in a Wisconsin football game
John Spencer (@edrethink)Most deserving of having his book made into a movie
DiscoveryEdBest online collective
Dun Dun. Dun Dun. Dun Dun Dun Dun #Holdshelf @100scopenotesBest Title to a Blog Post
Erin Klein @Klein_ErinMost likely to be seen with a backpack talking to anyone she meets
Greg Garner (@classroom_tech)The other guy I know using Path
iPadSurface (@ipadsammy)Best nickname he never asked for
ISTEMost looked forward to conference
@gwynethjonesBest Twitter Avatar
Jabiz Raisdana (@intrepidteacher)Most likely to break out in a Pearl Jam song in class.
Jaime Vandergraft - @jaimevandergbest hastag on Twitter: #shoesinedu
Jake Duncan @duncanbilingualThe Coolest Guy on the Internet that not enough people are talking about
Jason Markey @JasonMarkeyBest at sharing student voice
Jeannine Shields - @neeneMost Likely to celebrate others
Jeff and Jen Bradbury (@teachercast and @bassjen1Fastest growing edufamily for the birth of their @EduTriplets
Jen Wagner @jenwagnerBest Positive Outlook
Jennifer Bond @teambondBest smile to light up a room
@michellek107"has a song for every occasion"
Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1Most likely to have a page on the Zombie Apocalypse
Jim Groom (@jimgroom)Most likely to be turned into an animated GIF
Jon Samuelson (@ipadSammy)Starbucks most valuable edtech
Josh Allen (@j_allen) Greg Garner (@classroom_tech) and Debbie Van Doren (@ms_vandoren)The entire #_posse (also known as the #underscoreposse) for keeping the oft-maligned underscore symbol in the forefront of our minds. Including, but not limited to:
Josh Stumpenhorst (@stumpteacher)Most likely to run out of school.
Mac Barnett (@macbarnett)BEST TWITTER AVATAR
@mrmacdonaldBest Bowtie maker
Micheal Doyle (@BHS_Doyle)Most likely to get eaten by a clam in or out of class.
Nick and Tim"2 Guys who are having loads of fun while teaching all of us that it's important to laugh at ourselves every once in a while.
PaceMost Google-y
Paul Wood @paulrwoodBest Hug Giver
Pernille Ripp (@pernilleripp)Most likely to always be pregnant
ProvenzanoBest Almost-Blue ISTE Panel
Shannon Miller Most Charming
Adam BellowBest ISTE Keynote
Shannon Stroud (@stroudlibrary)BEST MUSTACHE/BEARD IN EDUCATION
Sharon Gullett, Marsha Edney & Michelle Cooper - Dallas 2013Best Educational Road Trip
Sherry Gick (@LibraryFanatic)Best Doctor Who t-shirts
Stephanie Sandifer @ssandiferMost likely to create a wiki (or suggest the creation of a wiki) for anything & everything
Steve DemboBEST Show Host of ALL Time!
@mrskmpeters"Amazing scarf collection award"
@robmancabelliEducator Most Likely the Change the World
Tiff (Librarian_Tiff) and Alaina (@ALaperouse) on the Flat Fountain trip to ISTEBEST EDUCATIONAL ROAD TRIP
Todd Bloch @blocht574Most likely to have a misspelled tweet or a blog post starting with "WHY...."
Will - @peoplegogybest dressed instructional technologist
William Chamberlain @wmchamberlainBest chats about nothing
@russgoerend and @bybmg"Cutest couple in education"
@EduBrosBest Way to politely slam pretentious, terrible, overdone, and overdue awards shows
@gcourosThe Daniel LaRussa "You're The Best Around" Award - Correction: The Most likely to pick someone up at Applebee's Award

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Spanish Is Your Amigo with @espanoles2amigo #EdChat

Kristen Williams was one of the coolest people I met when I was in San Francisco in October. She is funny, smart and really good at Spanish. If you want to know how awesome she is, she has been featured on Univision. Something I have been trying to accomplish for a number of years. Kristen is the brains behind and the face in front of the camera. Spanish is your Amigo is her YouTube channel dedicated to teaching people spanish and she is awesome.

I have never been very good with language classes in school. I tried German and Spanish and was barely OK with both. Watching a couple of Kristen's videos and I started to remember some of the things I learned over 15 years ago. I was really surprised at how easily it came back to me after only a couple of videos. 

I love the move to video for language learning. You can see so many options to learn languages and they are very expensive. Here is a Spanish teacher sharing ways to help people learn Spanish for free. I think YouTube will continue to grow in education as more and more educators embrace it as an instructional tool and not just a place to watch kitten videos. 

You can check out more videos on her YouTube channel and her website. You can also check her out on Twitter if you want to tweet her about her awesomeness. She is a great new amiga and you should consider sharing her videos with those learning Spanish, those who want to learn Spanish, or those that are helping others learn Spanish.

Ron Burgundy needs Spanish is you Amigo.