Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Extreme Home Makeover (Dreamweaver Edition) #AdobeEduAwards

Hello everyone! I hope the start of the school year is goign well. I have a nother awesome project to share with you that utilizes Adobe's Dreamweaver and Photoshop.
Extreme Makeover (Dreamweaver Edition) is a project conceived by Brett Keener that has students design a livingroom, bedroom and garage for a Dreamweaver site.

Brett submited the project to the Adobe Education Exchange in the hopes of winning some awesome prizes. If you are interested in submitting your lessons that use Adobe products, read this post for all of the details.

I love the idea of this lesson. It really allows the students the chance to be creative and design something fun. Here is a screenshot of one of the student's designs.

I'm a huge Superman man, so this student would have received an "A" right from the start. Here are two other student examples here and here.

Brett is currently in first place in the Digital Arts/Media category and would appreciate a vote. If you love this project and want to help Brett win, join the Adobe Education Exchange and vote for Brett. It is that simple. Once you have signed up, take a look at the other awesome proejcts that teachers have shared and consider sharing one of yours.

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