Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Movie Poster Parody Project #AdobeEduAwards

This might come as a bit of surprise, but I love movies and I really love parodies. I love teaching satire and parody to my students in American Literature. It's always great to show kids that their is humor everywhere and what they think is funny is really a literary device. Here is an awesome project submitted to the Adobe Education Exchange that is a great tool to help teacher parody.

In a lesson submitted by Brett Keener and it uses Photoshop to have students create parodies of movies posters they find online. The most important part of this lesson is that students create an original poster that is based on an actual movie poster. Students are not supposed to just paste their picture over the face of an actor.

The lesson is designed for students with moderate Photoshop experience and is for students in high school.

I really like this lesson because it allows students to find movies that they like and have fun with it. The get to stretch their creative muscles and learn a little bit about parodies. There are some great parody posters out there that could be used as examples. Here is one of the examples that Brett shared on the Adobe Education Exchange site.

Ha! I love it. A fairly simple use of Photoshop that allowed the student have a bit of fun. As a teacher, I'm always looking for different ways to engage students in the content other than standing and lecturing. I think this lesson is a great example of how a teacher can utilize technology is a different way to teach a simple literary term.

Brett has a chance to win some great prizes because he decided to share is awesome lesson with teachers on the Adobe Education Exchange. You could also be in the running for great prizes. Join the Adobe Education Exchange and submit a lesson. Pass it around to your friends so they can join up and vote for your lesson. Check out my other post for more details. Good luck!

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