Saturday, September 24, 2011

Creature Creation with Photoshop #AdobeEduAwards

Hello everyone! I wanted to share another great resources submitted to the Adobe Education Exchange. This is a fun project that uses Photoshop to put together creatures designed by students.

This lesson was submitted by Jeremy Dearinger and is intended for high school students with intermediate computer skills. On the Adobe Education Exchange, you can find this submission and the attached PDF that walks teachers through the lesson.

My favorite part of this lesson is that it really allows the student to create their own creature regardless of their artistic talent. There were no rules on what the creature had to look like or what it needed to be doing. The lesson allows the students full creative control over their creature. That type of ownership is so important on projects like these.

I love the use of Photoshop for this lesson. Students can sketch out their work, scan them into the computer and use all of the tools Photoshop has to offer.

An extension of this that I see as an English teacher is having students write the story of their creature. I would have students write about it's life and history. An original story to accompany the creature would great and students could share it on a personal blog.

For Science, I could have student research ecosystems that this creature would live and where on the food chain it sits. Researching the impact of an invasive species into a new system could also be part of the project.

I think this lesson is great for many different disciplines and could be the start of a much longer unit. I think it is vital to work in more creativity into the curriculum to allow student the chance to try new things and connect with content in different ways.

If you love this lesson, you should join the Adobe Education Exchange and rate this lesson. Jeremy is in the running for some great prizes and needs your votes to make it to the finals. If you want to chance to win great Adobe products, all you have to do is join the Adobe Education Exchange and submit your awesome lesson and share with the rest of us. I can't wait to see what you have to share.

For more information on the Adobe Education Exchange Contest, please check out a previous post

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