Monday, May 9, 2022

Podcast Design Project #MakerEd #AdobeEduCreative

Hey folks! I wanted to share a fun project that I have assigned my students that uses Adobe Creative Cloud Express and Seesaw. Students will use ACCE to create an ad for a fake podcast they will create. Below are the directions for the assignment. 

For this activity, you can partner up if you'd like to create an ad and a sample of what your podcast would be about. Follow the steps below to complete the activity. Step 1: Decide whether or not you want a partner for this activity. Step 2: Brainstorm possible idea for a podcast topic that you think people would find interesting. Step 3: Come up with a script for a short clip of this podcast. It should be around 3-4 minutes in length. Step 4: Design an ad to promote the podcast using images that connect to your script. Step 5: Create the ad in Adobe Creative Cloud Express. ( Step 6: Post the ad to Seesaw and record the podcast clip on the same page. Step 7. Post the script you wrote for the clip. Podcast Ad Requirement: Name of the podcast. Images that connect to the topic of the podcast. Names of the people hosting the podcast.

Here is a link to the assignment that has my example.

The students dove in and I can't wait to share the work they have created for the podcast assignment. 

Hugs and High Fives, 


Monday, May 2, 2022

Ugly Stuffy Project #MakerEd

I've been looking for a new project for students this trimester and I was just at home thinking about the different things I wanted students to do. I knew I wanted them to make something with their hands, but I wanted to make it silly and ok if they were not "good" at it from the start. It was while I was watching Antman and the scene where he gave his daughter the creepy doll struck me. Ugly Dolls are are a thing and I think they can be a pretty simple project. I jumped online, found a bunch of videos on how to make these dolls and set to work ordering supplies and giving it a try myself. This has been a fun project because the Stuffys are supposed to look off and ugly. No mistakes, only features. Even in my demo I made that you can see below. I thought the fangs would be cool, but I made them too thin to sew and I didn't have the fabric glue. I pivoted and used excess fabric to make a mouth. It turns out I made plankton from Spongebob Squarepants, but I made him on my own. I just tasked the students with making an Ugly Stuffy, but I could give them more guidance and ask them to create a symbol of a feeling or something like that. There are lots of possibilities with a project like this. If you are looking for a project that will take a couple of days and get the students crafting with their hands, give the Ugly Stuffy project a try. 

My Steps - Made with Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Supply List

Poly Fil 

Embroidery Floss 




Needle Threaders


Large Needles

Students got to work and some had sewing experience and were able to help me and others do a better job. Here is a collection of photos from my Instagram account. 

Follow along on my instagram to see the Ugly Stuffys that students finish this week. 

 Hugs and High Fives, 

The Nerdy Teacher