Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pandora's Box: Cross Curricular Project for HS and 3rd Grade #AdobeEduAwards

I've been loving my time scanning the Adobe Education Exchange the past couple of months. I have found some many great lessons that I have passed on to others. Here is another great lesson that involves students from the High School working with students in 3rd Grade.

Matt Cauthron submitted a lesson to the Adobe Education Exchange that had students use, After Effects, Creative Suite Design Premium and Photoshop. He explains the process here,   

1. A version of the myth was edited and distributed as a script by a sophomore student and myself using 

2. High school students visited the two 3rd grade classrooms to read the story and create sketches based on assigned parts of the readings. 

3. Our district visual arts specialist then helped both elementary classrooms create watercolor paintings from the drawings.

4. After the drawings were sent over to the high school, students shot, edited and/or composited their interpretation of the 3rd grader's paintings using Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended. 

5. High school students returned to present their imagery to the elementary students and teachers, discussing their own creative processes and making connections between the visual works. 

6. Several 3rd graders recorded the audio track for the script and submitted them to the high school for narration. 

7. High school teams worked to compile all media assets for the digital book layout and video. 

8. A senior student created the Pandora's Box intro graphic using Adobe After Effects. 

9. The book layouts were uploaded to two different book websites and distributed online to share with the world for print and/or online enjoyment.

Here is a video that was created for the project. 


 Here is a collage the students created.

There is so much to love about this project. The fact that students at the high school get to work with 3rd graders is awesome. The creativity level of this project is off the charts. There are so many different aspects that students get to work on, there is a job for everyone. The finished products are something that can be published online for students to see whenever they want. They can share this project with family all over the world. Students get to be engaged in learning in a way they have never been before. This project has the potential to inspire students at a young age to follow their passion in the arts. I could keep going, but I fear I might run out of space on the internet!

To access more of the completed projects from this lesson, join the Adobe Education Exchange. Once you do that, you can follow this link to the Pandora's Box lesson.

Matt has a chance to win some great prizes because he decided to share is awesome lesson with teachers on the Adobe Education Exchange. You could also be in the running for great prizes. Join the Adobe Education Exchange and submit a lesson. Pass it around to your friends so they can join up and vote for your lesson. Check out my last post for more details. 

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