Monday, April 25, 2016

Raspberry Pi Jam at #ISTE2016 #MakerEd

I have been loving all of the cool Raspberry Pi adventures I have gone on since becoming a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator. I have connected with even more amazing educators and have learned so much more about coding and computing than I have ever hoped.

One of the cool things about Raspberry Pi is the community that surrounds this credit card sized device. It is an amazing group of people that love to code, hack, create, and share the cool things they are doing with Raspberry Pi. They organize events for people to get together and share their Pi creations and they have an awesome name, Raspberry Pi Jam.

During the Picademy, the concept of Jams was explained and some of us immediately thought about doing one at ISTE 2016 in Denver. After some hard work and ISTE being awesome and donating space and monitors, I'm happy to announce the ISTE 2016 Pi Jam! All are welcome to come and check out the awesomeness that is Raspberry Pi. If you have no idea what Raspberry Pi is, but you want to talk to people who do, this is the place for you. The event takes place in the Posterboard Session space on Monday June 27 from 5PM-7PM. If you are looking to learn more, please stop by and say hello and see what is going on with Pi.

If you are a Pi enthusiast and you have some awesome things you want to share with others, we would love to have you join us for the Pi Jam and share the awesomeness. Below is a Google Form for those of you who want to claim a space with a monitor to show your Pi work off and answer questions curious people might have.

Again, this form is only for those who want to reserve a spot to show of their Pi projects.

Feel free to spread the word and share the Raspberry Pi Jam love to everyone out there. 

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