Friday, April 22, 2016

@Staples and @KatyPerry Join to Support @DonorsChoose

Staples logo without tagline [Converted].png is a charity that has funded over 700,000 classroom projects for teachers and has impacted over 18 million students across the country. Staples and Katy Perry are teaming up to help teachers enhance learning in countless classrooms by supporting their projects. Through their Staples for Students program, Staples today announced that it is donating $1 million to This is an incredible amount of money that is going to make a difference in classrooms across the country.

“Knowing the crucial role that teachers play in bringing learning to life for students, Staples is committed to supporting to help teachers succeed and impact the future of children,” said Alison Corcoran, senior vice president of North American stores and online marketing, Staples. “Katy Perry’s powerful and influential voice will highlight the effect teachers have on our children’s lives and the need to support classrooms. Our $1 million donation will help teachers make more happen in classrooms across the country and contribute to a fulfilling learning experience.”

According to the Education Market Association, 99.5% of teachers spend their own money on basic classroom supplies. This is not a surprising stat to educators. We are constantly stocking our classroom with necessities. It is frightening to know that some teachers are spending over $400 annually. I know I have spent lots of money on the classroom in the past on important items, but $400? The crazy thing is that these teachers are probably in high poverty areas and are buying basic school supplies that the children do not have at home. This is a reality education in the US faces. It is awesome that there are people and companies that do see the value of supporting teachers that are trying to make a difference in the classroom.

Katy Perry said, “The response from my fans when I teamed up with Staples in 2014 for The Prismatic World Tour was eye-opening. I learned firsthand how desperately teachers need our support – many of them even dig into their own pockets to provide simple tools that we would expect to already be available in our classrooms. So when Staples approached me again this year, I jumped at the opportunity because I saw the lasting effect our collaboration had on and thousands of teachers and students. I believe in education as a foundation for a great life. I’m continuing my education now as I travel the world, but I didn’t have that foundation in my own childhood, so I want to make sure that students across the country are inspired by their teachers and afforded every opportunity to realize their dreams.”

I’m happy whenever any celebrity can help shine a light on the terrible funding issues educators face every single day. Education only seems to come up during an election cycle. When it does, it is important to let people know the real challenges that teachers face every day and it is great to see people step up and try to help solve these problems.

To top everything off, Staples is offering a $50,000 scholarship to one lucky person who enters the ‘Staples for Students’ Sweepstakes. The cost of college is not getting any cheaper and anything that can help students avoid crazy student loan debt is a good thing. Details for entering the sweepstakes can be found below.

If you find that you have some money you are looking to donate to a good cause, but you worry about how it will directly help people, check out The money goes directly to teachers in the classroom trying to make a difference for their students. It is hard to think of many other great ways to make a donation.

Win a $50,000 scholarship and the chance to meet Katy Perry

Starting June 26, fans will have the opportunity to enter the ‘Staples for Students’ Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $50,000 scholarship. The grand prize winner – in addition to four lucky first prize winners and one guest each – will also win travel to Los Angeles, where they’ll attend an exclusive VIP Winners Celebration with Katy Perry.

Visit starting June 26 to learn about entry into the sweepstakes and for the rules. Entries must be submitted before September 10, 2016 at 11:59 PM ET and entrants must be 13 years or older.

Learn more about Katy Perry teaming up with Staples to help teachers and classrooms at

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