Monday, December 5, 2011

Quick Hit - Saving Documents from iP@d to Dropbox #edchat #edtech

I wanted to share with everyone a way to save Pages and Keynote files from the iPad to your Dropbox account. Here is a link to the document I shared with my students on Dropbox.

Basically, you create a document using Pages or Keynote and email to yourself. You go to your email through Safari and access your email. In the email, open the document and it will take you to a new tab. From the new tab, it will give you different programs you can open the document in. Choose Dropbox and it will let you save the file in an existing folder or you can create a new one. The PDF is a bit more detailed, but it works every time. Give it a try.


  1. I tried your steps, however, our web based school mail zips everything that isn't microsoft, so dropbox couldn't open the .zip file. Also tried putting my school mail into the mail app on the iPad, so the attachment came in as a .keynote file, but dropbox said this wasn't a valid file type. What did I miss? Thanks, Suzanne Whitlow

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  3. You should check out

    I use this to email docs from the iPad directly to dropbox. Its super easy.

  4. I've found a couple good apps for this.

    My favorite is DocAS. It's a simple and efficient middleman, plus you can organize all kinds of files into folders, and export/import in a variety of ways, including DropBox. And you can read and annotate PDFs from within the app.

    Definitely a lifesaver in my classroom workflow.


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