Thursday, December 29, 2011

Alien Buddies - A Review #Edchat #ElemChat

My friends at Artgig Studios sent me a copy of Alien Buddies and I love what they have done.

This interactive game is a fun way for young kids to learn their numbers and letters. The app is broken into three parts.

The Matching game is a fun way for users to practice their numbers, letters, shapes and colors. The user drops the alien into the spaceship to match the object in the belly. Point pointing and dragging, the aliens are easily dropped into the spaceship and they fly away. Each game allows the user to break down the learning by capital letters or lower case ones. Numbers sets can be larger or smaller. I like that it allows the user to adjust the challenge level. The Matching game also has a listening portion where the user needs to listen to what is needed. I like this because it goes beyond sight memorization.

I also love the Dot to Dot portion of Alien Buddies. It allows the user to trace their finger from number to number to create a picture. It looks great and it is easy to use on the iPad. It will really help young users on their sequential thinking and their fine motor skills. A very simple game that the kids will love to play. After completing each picture, the user is awarded a sticker to be used on the sticker pages. 

At the end of the Matching game and the Dot to Dot game, the user wins stickers to be used not the sticker portion of the app. People love earning badges or stickers and this is a nice way to encourage users to keep playing. Another cool part of the stickers is that the user can take a picture of their masterpiece and it will be saved to the camera roll. It was very nice for me because I use Photostream and that allowed the pictures to be sent to all of my iDevices. 

The app allows the user to wipe out all of the awards completed games so it can be used over and over again. It is a nice way to keep kids interested and working on these important skills. 

Overall, I'ma big fan of this app. For $0.99, it is a great deal. I can't wait until Leo is old enough to start playing with Alien Buddies

Artgig Studio sent me a copy of this app for the purpose of a review. 

- @TheNerdyTeacher

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  1. Evelyn, my 4 year old, loves Alien Buddies. It is definitely one of her favorite apps right now.


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