Thursday, December 29, 2011

The @19Pencils Search Box #EdChat #ElemChat

Getting the most out of your 19 Pencils Search Box

Now that 19 Pencils offers a great search tool to place on your blog or wiki, there are many great things you can do with them. Here is just one of the fun and engaging ways you can utilize this new tool from 19 Pencils.

Even though students might think differently, teachers do not know of every website out there. Nobody could ever play with every website and provide feedback for the students. Now, the 19 Pencils search engine can allow students to do some of the searching on their own.

A teacher can create an assignment where students use the search tool as a way to find sites on their own and provide feedback to the class. This would be a great way to teach some Internet searching skills and website evaluation.

By providing a rubric or form for the students to follow, the kids can search for great sites using the 19 Pencils search engine and then provide feedback on the form. Students could then use the form as a guide to a class presentation describing the site they found and how it would be helpful to the students in class. This simple assignment can help students grow in many different areas.

For teachers, student feedback is so important. Students will be able to review sites and let the teacher know what they think is valuable and that is the best feedback a teacher can get.

By using the 19 Pencils search box, a teacher can feel safe knowing that the websites that pop up a re appropriate for students to review and utilize in their learning.

We hope you enjoy the search box and the new pieces of 19 Pencils we continue to add to make this the best teacher tool in your belt.

Happy New Year!

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  1. I've been following your tweets for a while now and after looking over the 19 Pencils website and running away a few times, I finally took the plunge and signed up today. The interface seems a bit confusing at first and I remain unsure as to what it can do, so I will stay tuned to your upcoming posts!

    I am forging ahead at the moment doing my best to get a handle on all the Web 2.0 technologies out here that might be useful in helping me develop professionally and integrate technology authentically and seamlessly into my classrooms.


  2. Thank you for your interest in 19Pencils @servusclementis! Our goal with 19Pencils is simply to provide a means for educators to discover new content, save that content for later use, and easily expose that content to your students.

    Once logged in you may add any items you find in a search to your Favorites for later use, or directly added to your Class Page. Visit your dashboard to see your favorites, content of your class page as well as the link you can give to your students for direct access to your class page.

    If you have further questions we encourage you to drop us a note via our contact page.

    Happy New Year


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