Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mission Monday 5/29

Here is the new #MissionMonday for all of you educators out there. Spring is in the air and that means cleaning time in my house. During my Spring Break, I will be doing some cleaning and organizing of various rooms and the garage. I was making my to do list (Editors note: Replace I with my wife.) and I realized that I have tons of teaching materials in digital folders. I realized that I needed to do some Digital Spring Cleaning.

Take a look through some of those old files on your computer and see what you can do away with. As teachers, we are natural pack rats. We hold on to tests or assignments we have not given in years. I still have my first exam I wrote in 2002. It is a terrible exam. I have no good reason to hold onto it. It will meet its demise next week. There are some classes that I will never teach again that I have many files on. I have plenty of Digital Spring Cleaning to do over my break.

So, your #MissionMonday, if you choose to accept it, is to do some Digital Spring Cleaning of your home and work computer.

Enjoy your week everyone!

- @TheNerdyTeacher


  1. I think it is a part of nature to never want to reinvent the wheel, but the best thing for our students in to reinvent often! We now have the tools to help us reinvent as well as many thoughtful educators willing to share. So I agree with you and hope you 'enjoy' your spring cleaning. Fortunately it is only autumn (fall) in Australia so I can put off my spring cleaning for six months!

  2. Ah yes, the great Spring Break cleaning event will be taking place in our house today. Good thought to also "spring clean" my computer! We teachers do tend to save lots of things and as you point out most years we just recreate anyway to fit the needs of our current learners. When I left my classroom position last year for my technology teacher role I pitched every file from my filing cabinet. Very liberating!

  3. Great idea. Just found over 500 MB of "stuff" in a folder called cybersafety. Created my unit from scratch so not sure why I felt the need to save all those files over the years. Throwing them all away is a painful experience though.

  4. I'm a little late to the #missionmonday but I am in! It is high time I cleaned house. I have some lesson plans still in Appleworks... so that about sums it up!


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