Monday, March 8, 2010

10 Weeks and No Tests Update VI

Today I collected student proposals for their self assessments. Here is a list of some of the assessement ideas that stood out to me.

One students will be creating fake Facebook pages for 5 characters from The Great Gatsby and use posts and gifts to show theme and symbolism.

Many students will be making collages and using online presentation tools to narrate their collages after they create them.

One student will be creating a mix tape of songs dedicated to various characters that will also be linked to a Prezi or other presentation tool to explain the song choice.

A group of boys will be using Halo 3 for the XBox and create and alternate ending. They will place images in the game to represent the symbols and themes.

A pait of sisters are going to create a flag that represents two symbols and themes from the story.

One student will be creating greeting cards that characters would have sent each other over the course of the novel.

A children's novel based on The Great Gatsby.

A series of comic strips retelling the story.

A student will be recording a song and performing it for class.

One student will be using Openzine to create 3 magazines for the story.

One student will be using Glosgster to create a collage for the story.

A couple of board game proposals.

8 minute television interview featuring Daisy and Jordan.

A Paper Mache mask to demonstrate symbols and themes.

There are a few more that will be trickling in, but those were the ones that really stood out. Some students are sticking ot the tried and true PowerPoint, but I hope they will consider other tools after they see what the other students use during our presentations. Look for a new post next week with links to some of the student work to see how they meet their own expectations.

- @TheNerdyTeacher


  1. What a wide breadth of ideas! Sounds like a fun project they're embarking upon.

  2. I am really excited to see what the students come up with!


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