Saturday, February 28, 2015

MarkIt Up In Our Makerspace

One of the things I have been working on the past few months is turning a space in the library into a Makerspace. Part of that process is finding the right furniture and tools to place in the space so students can be as creative as possible. One of these tools is the MarkIt Up table from It is a 3 in 1 dry erase table that allows users to use it as a table, standing desk, and a dry erase board. It is a first of its kind.

I was very lucky to have send me one for the purpose of the review and to help us create a space for our students. The first thing that stands out about this great table is the fact that it can be raised and lowered electrically. It can meet the height of any user. The height adjustment range is from 27" to 47". Once the table is assembled, just plug it in and get to work. The table moves up and down with two simple buttons to press. That is not the only thing that table can do.

The table can be flipped up to become a board to present the work you have done. Here are some pictures of the table in table form and flipped up in the board view. The easy lock mechanism is perfect to keep the table in the board position and it allows for a simple pull to move it back down to the table position. The transition is easy and great when people want to share their work with others.

The other nice part of the table is that the height can be adjusted. If there are taller or shorter students who need to work on the table, they only need to press the buttons to raise or lower it to fit their needs. It is also nice for those students who want to stand and work at the table instead of just sitting. It is better for students to stand and work at times and the MarkIt Up table allows students to do that.

We are currently using the table to help design the physical space in the library and to take notes when we meet. We then take pictures of the work when we are done and can erase the table for others to use next. The table is also on wheels, so that makes it very easy to move around the space and work wherever we need to. We truly envision this table playing a large part in the space as students work to create exciting projects to share with the school and the community. 

Here is a quick video showing the Markit Up in action. 

The dry erase markers worked wonderfully on the table. We were able to write, erase, and write again without any staining or shadowing on the table. It is perfect for quick brainstorming or long term writing. Here are some shots of table in action and some of our work. 

The MarkIt Up table retails for $1,299.99 and is a nice investment in a space that is going to have many students in and out planning big and small projects. I'm looking for tools and furniture that will support creativity and collaboration. The MarkIt Up table meets that criteria easily. I reccommend you check out the MarkIt Up table for your learning spaces. 

For more information on the MarkIt Up table, follow the link

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