Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Welcome to PD Without Borders! #EdChat

I'm really excited to announce a new project  that was born over the summer with two of my Google Teacher Academy friends, Dominque Dynes and Jeffery Humphries. You can find them on Twitter at @DominiqueDynes and @itechteach.

PD Without Borders is a project designed to provide a short video with an expert user on cool tech tips for the busy teacher. These videos will be short and to the point and show something really valuable a tool can do for a teacher in the classroom. We hope to have 3 new videos a month and are always looking for suggestions and collaborators.

You can check out our new site at PDWithoutBorders.org, visit us on Twitter at @PDWithoutborder, or visit our YouTube Channel to see the great videos we are sharing.

Here is a one video of a few we have already created and posted for your enjoyment.

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