Monday, February 9, 2015

A Kid President and a Nerdy Teacher

I met the President last week. Yup. The Kid President. He was every bit as awesome as I could have hoped. I was able to set up KP and is crew to speak at an elementary school in my district as they promoted their new book, Kid President's Guide to Being Awesome. While in town, I asked if they would like to join me for lunch and they stopped by for a bit of the afternoon. Now, Robby does not travel solo. He has his brother-in-law Brad, his mom, and Correy and Katie from SoulPancake at his side making sure that everything is as awesome as it could be during their trip. Here are some great shots from his visit to Grosse Pointe South High School and Trombly Elementary. 

Trying to break the combination. 

Robby signed my Smartboard
Correy and Nick v Principal Fitzpatrick and Robby
Robby and Brad pose with my 6th Hour class
The entire day is a blur to me at this point. They came, the kids at the schools were so excited, there was dancing involved, secret handshakes were created, and everyone felt a bit more awesome when they left. While in my room, the KP crew took a moment to write on my Dream Door. This is a place where students are encouraged to write down their dreams for all to see. Here is what some of them shared.

We all have dreams in the world and it is important that we share them so the world can cheer us on to success. Kid President embodies the ideals that I try to pass on to my students every day. Life should be loud and it will be awesome if you treat people awesome. We are all going face adversity and it is ok to get discouraged, but we need to pick ourselves up and get to work making the world a little more awesome for everyone we meet. I'm lucky to have been able to hang out with Kid President for this short period of time, but I know I have made some new friends that will keep working to make the world a more awesome place. 

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