Thursday, October 20, 2011

YouTube Spacelab #SciChat

YouTube has put together a contest for students 14-18 to create an experiment that could be performed in space. The two winning experiments will be performed on the International Space Station live streamed on YouTube.

I love this idea. Giving students a chance to create an experiment and have it performed in space and live around the world is a very cool idea. I'm glad to see YouTube begin to embrace the education side of their audience.

Their Education and Teacher Channels are also nice additions to the YouTube family and I strongly encourage educators to take a look at these channels and see if there is anything there they could use in their classes.

Here is a video from YouTube with more information.

I really think this would be a fun project to your classroom and suggest you give it a try or pass it to the Science teacher in your building/district to see if they want to do something great with their students.

- @TheNerdyTeacher

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