Sunday, October 16, 2011

#ProjectPLN November Issue - #SchoolDidAGoodThing

Back in July, I started a hash tag that picked up some steam. It started after a post I wrote that wanted people to share the good stories of education. I was shocked at the positive responses I received. I had no idea that so many people would pass on my post and share their story. Here is the follow-up post that shares some of the amazing stories shared by others. I really wanted to give more people a chance to tell their story beyond 140 characters and now I have a way to do that.

As one of the founders and co-editors of ProejctPLN, I thought it would be great to dedicate an entire issue to the great things schools have done for everyone. I have seen too many stories of how terrible teachers are or how hurtful the current education system is to children. I want to share the positive stories of what education has done for people. This issue is open to anyone that has ever been to school and had a positive experience they want to share with the world.

Please pass this post on to anyone you think has a story to share. We are going to publish every story we receive. We can never have too many stories of positive educational experiences. Please follow the criteria below to make it easy for us to share you story.

Please include a short bio that includes your name and any other information you want to share (Twitter ID, website, etc.). We welcome pictures to accompany posts, so please send those along.

Email your post as a word document to

Send questions to @ProjectPLN

We look forward to seeing many amazing stories from all over the world.


Nick Provenzano
Project PLN

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