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I read a great article yesterday on the Comics Alliance website. It was about a hash tag created by Gail Simone (@GailSimone) entitled #ComicsDidAGoodThing. She wanted people to share how comics had a positive impact on their life. Comics are often looked upon as a waste of paper or not serious literature. I'm a big fan of comics and think they speak to a group of people that are often pushed to fringe of social groups. I started my Graphic Novel class at my high school because I wanted to reach a different segment of the student body.

I read over 100 tweets from the people that used the #ComicsDidAGoodThing tag. It was hard not to feel for some of the people that sent tweets about the impact of comics in their lives. The power of a story or a connection with characters can have a deeper impact than most people realize.

I started to think. Many people out there think that the education system is a wreck and kids are being let down all over the country. I would like to start a new hash tag. #SchoolDidAGoodThing. I think it would be great if everyone that read this tweeted something awesome school did for you. It could be a program that helped you grow as a person or a teacher that inspired you in some fashion. Almost everyone has a good story about school that they could share and I think now is as good of a time as any to share them with the world.

Please join me in sharing a good story about how #SchoolDidAGoodThing

- @TheNerdyTeacher


  1. Wow! What a great idea! I will pass the word!

  2. School helped me break the cycle of generational poverty.

  3. Your intentions are good but if we blind ourselves to the attack upon our profession there will be no more public education without sponsorship from the swift boaters for truth n Koch brothers. I am sure you are a well meaning person and I ask of you to listen to others in blogs and in twitter. I have no problem w positive thought stuff, I need some myself but i know the reality on the ground, in the trenches. i had my "not culminating" students write a reflection about why they would not walk the stage and while the march was rehearsed outside the class, we read some and talked some and they all spoke of misfortune, poverty and guilt. If you want, I'll send you a PDF of it. I had to hold back tears and it was hard.
    good luck to all of us.

  4. @1momzer - I do listen to all sorts of different points of view and even agree that the DOE policy is not great all of the time. I take issue withthe forum you chose to express your view.

    I encourage all people to speak up and share their opinion, but there are times and places. The #SchoolDidAGoodThing is a tag I started to simply share positive stories of education. It is not a forum to share opinions on the current state of education.

    I suggest you create a tag that people could use to share their concerns with the state of education. How about #IfIWasEdSec? I would happily tweet using that tag.

    Please respect the intentions of the tag.


    The Nerdy Teacher

  5. Hello...I created a Storify of some of the comments for School Did a Good Thing...I hope to share it with my students when we get back to school next month. Her's the link:

    Thank you for starting this conversation!!

    Stephanie McCabe


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