Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's ok to #EduVent

I've had a very busy weekend and I'm about to have a very busy week. I was checking in on Twitter and I saw a friend of mine stressing out a bit. I sent a DM and a goofy picture and I let them vent. It felt good to listen and just be a sounding board.

Sometimes I think many teachers are afraid to vent, especially on Twitter. So, I had an idea that I shared with my friend and we think it could be really helpful.

Using the hashtag #EduVent, we want educators to feel free to share that they are having a rough day. My hope is that people will reach out when someone uses the #EduVent tag and send them a DM to see how you can help. I think to many people still feel alone even though they are on Twitter.

I hope this tag will connect people in a more personal way and provide support to many of us who need a person to just talk to when nobody else is around.

There are so many positive and caring people in my PLN, I'm really hoping this tag takes off and we can help those who need it.

Update for clarification:

After reading a couple of comments below I realized that most post was not clear. I am not suggesting that everyone just spout off on how terrible their students, principals, etc are being and that is why you are having a bad day or week. That could lead to some repercussions that I would hate to see for any person.

The #EduVent tag is supposed to be a signal for others to contact the person through DM to talk about the issue in private where people can share their feelings however they want. Its meant to be a way for teachers to connect and discuss bigger issues that cannot be discussed on Twitter or other Social Media sites.

I hope this is something that will allow some people to connect and not feel so alone when dealing with problems. The one thing Twitter has shown me over the past year and a half is that I'm not alone and I want others to feel the same.

If you have questions or concerns, please drop me a comment and I'll get back to you.
- @TheNerdyTeacher