Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The #EduBroAwards - The Premier Education Awards Event of the Millennium

It's that time of year where everyone runs around and appoints the best of the best of the best. Tim, Jeff, Sir Ken and I (The Edu Bros) have decided that if somebody should give awards out for the best of the best of the best in education, it should be us. 

The EduBros are proud to announce "The EduBro Awards"! Please continue reading after you are done applauding. 

We are going to be doing things a bit differently this year. Instead of posting your nominations on Twitter or your own site, we want your nominations in the comment box below. Feel free pimp this post to get others to vote and use the tag #EduBros for all awards and non-awards related tweets. 

We are also going to do something a little different with the categories. Below, we will have some set in stone categories, but we encourage you to create your own. If nine other people nominate people in the category you created, it will make the cut. Another part of the awards is that you MUST nominate yourself for an award. It can be for an award category we created or one you made up yourself. If you can't pay yourself on the back, how can others? 

You can also suggest categories and nominations using #EduBroAwards on Twitter. We will scan these and add them when needed. 

Once all of the nominations are in, a very select panel will vote on the nominations and the awards will be announced on a Google Hangout. 

Here are the award categories:

Best Mustache in Education:

Best 6 foot or taller red headed NASCAR fan:

Best Hug Giver:

Twitter User Most Likely to RT a Post They Didn't Read:

Best Twitter Avatar:

Best Title to a Blog Post:

The Daniel LaRussa "You're The Best Around" Award:


All nominations must be left in the comment field. 

You must identify yourself in the comment. No anonymous comments.

You must nominate yourself for one of the EduBro created awards or one you created.

A user generated award becomes live when it has been used 10 times. 

Nominations end 24hrs after we announce the deadline. 

Rules are subject to change.

This contest is not endorsed by Sir Ken, but as an official EduBro, he unofficially endorses it. 

Good Luck!