Friday, July 22, 2011

Why I love @Edutopia

I was lucky enough to visit the Edutopia offices during my trip to San Francisco. Now, the initial excitement was being on Skywalker Ranch and seeing the original gold idol from the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones' actual hat and whip. The Star Wars imagery was all over and I took it all in. But, after the tour, the really exciting part took place. I rode in a TIE Fighter. OK, I'm kidding. I went to the Edutopia offices and met with the crew.

I'm sure I bored them to death with various stories, but I was just so excited. I was surrounded by people that were excited about education and they wanted a teacher's opinion on how to reach more teachers. Hell, our own government doesn't even ask for input from teachers. Being in a room with people that cared about education and wanted to know of ways they could help teachers wad a good feeling.

Edutopia first asked me to write about an #edchat I participated back in Feb 2010. It was the first time anyone had ever asked me to write about education. The topic was passion, and it only seems appropriate now. They are passionate about education and I'm passionate about writing on education. It was my first post for them, but it would not be my last. I've started to write more posts about classroom management and I've loved working with Edutopia. Betty Ray has been amazing to write for and Elana Leoni has been wonderful in her help promoting my posts. I feel honored to be blogging cyber shoulder to cyber shoulder with some great teachers.

So, why do I do it? Well, I get to tell people I write for George Lucas and I will always support people who are passionate about teachers and want to help education by listening to actual educators. I encourage you to take a minute and check out the amazing resources that Edutopia provides. You can also find them on Twittter, @Edutopia, and Facebook.

Thanks again to Edutopia for trusting me to write my first post. I look forward to working together for a long while.

- @TheNerdyTeacher

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  1. Can I ask you how you managed to get a tour of Edutopia and if you still happen to have contact info? I'm trying to find out about a tour for a group but am having a hard time finding out how to go about getting one! Thanks!


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