Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thank you!

I have never before in my life been hit with so many birthday wishes in such a short period of time. That sounds sad when I read that line, but it's not. My PLN sent me Birthday wishes from all over the world and it was such a wonderful way to start a 31st birthday. Thank you Kelly and Shelly for putting together this Wallwisher for my Birthday. Leave it to the Tech Godesses to come up with the coolest Digital Birthday Card Ever!

Thanks to everyone that left a funny little video, picture or comment. My PLN is growing every day and I feel very lucky to have met all of you over the past few months. For those of you that will be in Denver in the coming weeks, I owe you one or all of the following; high five, handshake, hug, beer, wine or friendship bracelet. For those who I will not see in Denver, we will all get together in the future in some crazy exotic locale. #edcamp Bermuda anyone?

Thanks again for the Birthday wishes. :-)

-Nick Provenzano

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  1. Umm, I call friendship bracelet :)
    Glad you felt the PLN love for your birthday!


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