Monday, June 28, 2010

#ISTE10: Friendship Formed in the Clouds

I just read a great post from @web20classroom and it made me think about friendships made through social media. Are these people less of a friend because I talk with them through twitter, email, blogs, Skype, etc? I think I might actually be in contact with them more regularly than my face to face friends.

Having arrived in Denver I have never felt out of place or alone Some people question the "realness" of friendships formed in the clouds. Can they last? I think that if we all taught in the same district, we would all be very close friends because friendship are not about where you met, they are about what keeps you together. We all share a core belief in education and technology and want nothing more than to change the landscape for the students of today and tomorrow.

I would never classify these people as "Social Media" friends. They are just friends. How do you feel about your friends from the cloud?

Off to a session! Tweet ya later!