Wednesday, June 30, 2010

#ISTE1o: See You Laters

This is the post were I get sappy and thank everyone for being awesome. I normally hate thanking people for all that they did for me because I always leave people off the list because my memory is terrible or I include people I really don't like but have to.(Which one are you?) ;-) Anyway, here are some people that you should follow on twitter if you don't because they are not only top notch educators, but they are darn good people and there are not enough of them in the world.

@ktenkely, @amandacdykes, @buzzgarwood, @web20classroom, @kylepace, @mrplough07, @ejulez, @mbteach, @tgwynn, @simoncrook, all of #VanMeter, @michellek107, @mrskpeters, @mwyman, @bethstill, @SNweco, @simpleK12 there are so many more!

All of those people, and the others my tiny brain have forgotten at the moment, are amazing educators. I cant thank them enough for taking a #ISTE newbie under their wing and sharing some important ideas about education. I cannot wait to take what I have learned and share it with my district and beyond.

Thanks to all of the new followers from #ISTE10. I hope I can keep my tweets interesting and my blog posts informative with a touch of humor. I look forward to sharing ideas with you. Do not hesitate to send me a message or @reply. I'm fired up to work with the amazing people out there. Just let me know how I can help.

If anyone questions the validity of social media in education, please send them my way. I feel I'm a great example of what social media brings to the table. I was just a nerdy guy looking for some tech ideas and stumbled upon a world of educators changing the world. No small feat, but we can all do it together and that is what social media is allowing us to do. Thanks Social Media, you rock!

I wanted to title this post Goodbyes, but I realize that this is a brief pause before we pick up right where we left off. Is it too soon to start the countdown clock to #ISTE11 Philly? Safe travels everyone!


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