Tuesday, June 1, 2010

#ISTE and My PLN

The Twitter edu-world has seen ISTE chatter pick up over the past few days and I have to say that I'm excited about it. I started blogging and tweeting 6 months ago and have learned so much in that that short period of time. I never would have guessed that I would be attending a huge conference in Denver. I'm very excited about the different parts of the conference I will be attending and the new ideas I will be bringing back to my district. To be surrounded by so many like minded people is very exciting. It will be the best PD I could ever imagine attending. Despite the excitement that ISTE brings, I cannot pretend that it is the part I'm looking forward to most.

My PLN is awesome! I am so excited for all of the tweet-ups I have scheduled and will be scheduling. I'm meeting with some #edcamp Tweeps to talk about all things #edcamp and #nerd related. I have an 80's Movie Crew Tweet-up that plans to be epic! I will finally get to meet face to face with so many of the amazing people I have been learning from day to day. I learn so much when I go through my Reader and see the thoughts and ideas of other amazing educators. Seeing these Tweeps face to face will be weird for a moment, but it will solidify a connection formed miles away. I will admit that I do have some questions about meeting these people though.

Isn't weird that I will have to tell everyone my name is Nick and not @TheNerdyTeacher?

Do you hug, guy hug, half hug, high-five, handshake etc. when you meet a Twitter friend?

What will these people look like from the chin down?

What if their head is actually proportional to their Avatar?

Should I tweet the people that are standing next to me?

How long into ISTE is it OK to refer to people as, "My brother from another mother?"

Is it weird to say that to a girl?

What if I blank on the name of the show Mario Lopez was on before he starred as Albert Clifford on Saved By The Bell? (P.S. It's Kids Incorporated)

What if I am not all of the Nerd that I have built myself up to be?

Despite all of this anxiety, I know that the members of my PLN will be awesome and help me through what nerdy lapses I might have. If you are attending ISTE, please send me a tweet because I would love to meet you and say hi and put a real body to that Twitter ID.

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