Thursday, September 28, 2023

Using @AdobeExpress For Presentations #MakerEd #AdobeEduCreative

I just had to share this amazing video a student created for Innovation and Design class. The 6th grade class was tasked with building their teacher (me) a house based on his answers to their questions. The goal of the assignment was to emphasize the value of asking questions and understanding the problems people might be dealing with on a regular basis. Once the students created the house, they needed to create a presentation to showcase their work. Below is one example a student submitted. The student used Adobe Express and the Animate from Audio feature to give a guided tour of the space. Better yet, when they showed it off in class, other students asked for help with their presentation so they could use Animate with Audio as well. 

Adobe Express is a great tool for teachers to use to building dynamic lessons and wonderful graphics, but it is even better in student hands. Giving the students the opportunity to work with tools that allow them to enhance their artifacts to demonstrate their understanding of concepts can lead to wonderful creations. The day after the project was submitted, I saw two students working on a project about Neanderthals on Adobe Express. Traditional slideshows are boring and tend to be an image with a monologue written next to it. Express allows students t=many different approaches to sharing their learning and that is why it is an important part of my class. 

If you have any questions about Adobe Express, please reach out and I am happy to help. 

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