Thursday, September 21, 2023

Using @AdobeExpress for Generative AI Images #AdobeEduCreative @RebeecaLouHare

The integration of technology in the classroom is not just about the latest gadgets and gizmos. It's about enhancing our lessons and making them come alive for our students. I'm always on the lookout for fresh, innovative ways to make this happen, and I've found a gem in Adobe Express's generative AI feature. If you haven't given it a shot yet, read on to find out why it could be the tech boost your classroom needs.

Why Adobe Express's Generative AI?

Adobe Express, renowned for its easy-to-use design capabilities, has now embraced the world of AI. This tool takes your basic inputs and transforms them into stunning visual content. And trust me, it's a lot simpler than it sounds. So how can we, as educators, leverage this? Let's dive into some examples.

1. Elementary School: Story Illustrations

Every teacher knows the magic that unfolds when young minds weave tales. Imagine supporting those narratives with AI-generated images. After your students draft their short stories, use Adobe Express to create unique illustrations. What is nice about this, is that students can see the power of the words they use to describe. Does the image not match what was in your head? Then consider adding more describing words to the story. Express allows for multiple iterations of a single prompt, so you can search for the one that best matches your vision or you can add more words to help get the image you have in your mind. I think that writing, for some students, can be too abstract. They have a hard time putting to words what they see in their mind. Express can help with that.

On the other side of this lesson, you could create weird images and have the students write a story about what is happening or just describe what they see. Helping students with the writing process can be tough. As an English teacher, teaching writing is one of the hardest things I have ever done and it took me years before I felt confident that I was doing an adequate job. Express can help teachers and students with their writing in a fun and engaging way.

2. Middle School: Science Posters

Middle schoolers are at an age where they're delving deep into scientific concepts. Creating engaging lessons with interesting graphics can take lots of time and energy. Not all teachers are create at creating their own custom graphics or finding the best images to fit their needs. Express is awesome because you can create the image you need for the specific slide you have created. Below is an image of a desert biome that has different types of cacti. With a properly worded prompt, I was able to create the exact image I needed. Working with students, teachers could create other images of biomes based on what students learned in the their lessons or in their own personal research.

3. High School: Visualizing Geometry

Mathematics is all around us, and geometry is the art of seeing shapes and patterns in our world. Adobe Express’s Generative AI can elevate this experience for high school students. When diving into lessons about different geometric shapes or complex patterns, teachers can input terms into the platform and share those with the students to see if they can identify the shapes. 

For instance, just by typing in "hexagon" into the prompt, this awesome image was generated. Being able to quickly create all of the images you need to share with students will be a huge time saver. Asking students to explore these images in nature could take them on a journey where they start to see geometry everywhere they turn. Instead of wasting hours looking for the perfect image on the internet, the teacher can now create the image they want with a few descriptive words. 

Ready to Dive In?

Adobe Express's Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize your classroom activities. It not only brings lessons to life but also encourages students to think creatively and visually. As always, it's about blending our teaching methods with tools that amplify the learning experience. It is important to note that the AI feature is not currently available through student Adobe accounts. This will change in the future, so keep an eye out! 

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