Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The #EduBroAwards v3.0 #EdChat

The #EduBroAwards are back and better than ever! Please take this brief pause to collect yourself and keep reading. 


Good. Now that you are slightly more calm and tad bit more collected, I will go over the fine details of how the #EduBroAwards work and why they have come back. 

The #EduBroAwards show was conceived as a way for people to celebrate one another after a long year of working hard, sharing, caring and generally being awesome. There are too many awards shows that focus on the few when we should all be celebrating the many. That is what makes our awards show so special and different from all of the rest. We want everyone to be recognized for how truly awesome they are. We have unlimited awards to give out and we can't wait to see the craziness that ensues when we hold out live Google Hangout to hand out the awards. 

The Awards Ceremony is tentatively scheduled for Thursday December 18 at 8:30PM EST

Things the #EduBroAwards will be about:

Having fun
Veiled references to 90's pop culture
Not so veiled references to 80's pop culture
Too many inside jokes
Kyle Pace's hugs
Steven Anderson's height
Bow ties
Boy Meets World
Girl Meets World
All other things that ARE awesome

Things the #EduBroAwards will NOT be about:

All other things that are NOT awesome

Here are how the #EduBroAwards are going to work this year:

  • You can create your own award and nominate anyone you want.
  • You can create your own award and nominate yourself.
  • Someone can be nominated for more than one award. 
  • Everyone will win something.
  • Here is a list of the award categories we have created.
    • Best Mustache/Beard in Education
    • Best Hug Giver
    • Twitter User Most Likely to RT a Post They Didn't Read
    • Best Twitter Avatar
    • Best Title to a Blog Post
    • Best Educational Road-trip
    • The Daniel LaRusso "You're The Best Around" Award
  • All nominations must be made in the comment box.
  • You must identify yourself in the comment. No Anonymous comments.
  • You must nominate yourself for one of the awards created or one you have created. 
  • Tweet your nominations with the #EduBroAwards tag
  • Nominations end Wednesday December 10th.
Awards Show
  • The #EduBroAwards will be held using a Google Hang Out that will be streamed on YouTube
  • Nick and Tim will host the awards. 
  • Every award will be presented live on the show. If you were nominated, you get to hear your name read out by Nick or Tim. 
  • Badges will be available after the ceremony is over. 
  • The show will be funny. 
  • Casual attire is encouraged, but formal attire would be way funnier.
The last thing we want to say before you start filling the comments with nominations is that this is supposed to be a fun event. We love our friends and we want to recognize them in a way that is not a competition focused on self promotion or popularity. We want to do something fun and the #EduBroAwards are just the thing to put a smile on people's faces. 


  1. it is necessary to use hashtag in blog title ? :P well all i can is that lots of thanks from my side man excellent tips you have provided on how we should post on blogs something very interesting and helpful to users :) Bookmarking your blog and i will surely gonna come back to grab much more as m a newbie :P

  2. Pernille Ripp as the best classroom teacher leader and me for most likely to be the first to nominate someone for an #edubros award.

  3. I nominate Jess Lifshitz for Most Empathetic Twitterer

    I nominate myself for Humblest Yet Most Awesome Teacher/Author of the Year

  4. OH! And I nominate Lauren Taylor for Pushiest Chat Moderator.

  5. I nominate Katie Hellerman for looking like a supermodel when caught in a flash flood storm, Bill Chamberlain for being the one person I have to meet in 2015, Audrey Watters for telling it like it is each and every time, Colby Sharp for finally being cool enough to be a part of the "I have 4 kids" club, John T. Spencer and Brad Wilson for quite possibly revolutionizing the way we write with students. And myself for being way wittier online than I am in person.

  6. Definitely agree with Pernille Ripp nomination. The Global Read Aloud that she organizes annually is amazing for connecting students, as well as the authors, and teachers who collaborate.

  7. I nominate John Spencer, Bob Dillon, AJ Juliani, Josh Stumpenhorst, John Samuelson, Devin Shoening, Ryan Peters, William Chamberlain, and myself for the #SportsVoxRadio award for the best sports talk show on voxer that only we hear.

    1. And on that note . . . I nominate Josh Stumpenhorst and Jon Samuelson for the most realistically hopeful Cubs fans ever. #soyouresayingtheresachance

    2. And I nominate Devin and Craig as the best fellow Giants fans to watch a World Series win together in a long-distance, Twitter kind of way.

  8. I nominate Jake Duncan for tweeting #allthecoolthings (especially videos & apps) 6 months before anyone else! #KingoftheInternetz

  9. I nominate Nick, Steven, and Time for most likely to make me leave a classroom to giggle inappropriately.

    I nominate Curt Rees for being the best chauffeur ever!

    I nominate MattBGomez for being the most #edcampdallasawesome.

    I nominate myself as being THE most sad person that Nick isn't coming to ASCD.

  10. I nominate Jennifer Houlette for "best blog commenter"
    I nominate Kory Graham as "friendliest person on Twitter"
    I nominate Simon Miller as "a guy who really knows where his towel is (and mine, too)"
    I nominate Doug Robertson as "the bombastic rockstar frontman of an incredible edchat"

    I'm sure I have more tweeps deserving of a nomination, I just need to think it over some more.


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