Wednesday, November 26, 2014

#PBL in Practice #EdChat

Below you will find another excellent example of why project based learning is a wonderful part of the classroom. I asked my students to create their own Myth or Legend at the end of our Myth and Legend Unit. They could write a story, create a comic, make a movie, or offer an alternative. Most student chose to write the story, but these two students wanted to go all out and film their very own legend. There are some areas of grammar that could be worked on for this short film, but the overall idea was great. The students in class loved it and it started great conversations about Myths and Legends in each class I showed it. These two students worked hard in class and put in hours after school to add the sound effects and to just edit the entire piece together. I've written this before, but I'll write it again. What type of bubble test could inspire these students to work or accurately asses what they accomplished?

Enjoy the film.


  1. Mr. Provenzano,

    My name is Justin Thompson and I am a student of EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I will be summarizing your latest post on my blogger. Your students did an outstanding job making this video. It is amazing how Project Based Learning activities fully engage students.

  2. My name is Sterling Spencer and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I absolutely love this project. It seems so cool and your students obviously had fun with it. I think I may do this when I become a teacher as well. Great post!


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