Friday, November 7, 2014

Don't Forget the Fun #EdChat #GaETC

I went to my sessions early yesterday and I had some time to kill as people were filing in. I thought it would be fun to play a video of the greatest cartoon theme songs of all time.

This was just a silly way to start the session and the people were smiling and singing along. I was able to engage in conversation with the audience and start off with a positive energy in the session. I was thinking about this after the day was over and wondered what inspired me to do it. I realized I do things like this in my classroom.

I love starting class off with random songs or videos. The kids get a little goofy and we have conversations about whatever is being played. It starts the class off with a positive note and the kids have the high energy. It is important to remember to bring the fun and silly into class. Students are moving from class to class and they are just beaten down sometimes. Changing the pace and letting them have a little fun to start the class can really have a positive impact on class. 

The next time you feel the energy dropping in class, just stop and have a little fun and watch the class come back together. 



  1. This was a very interesting post, and video as well. I myself found enjoyment singing along with the songs of my childhood. I agree with you on bringing fun to the classroom when it is needed. I remember when I was younger how a little video or even a song could change the tone of the day from boring to exciting in just a second. I will have to definitely remember this when I become an educator.

  2. Hello there, I am a student teacher in a Master's Program at the University of Michigan and have been looking through blogs for inspiration. I loved this post of yours because it's simple but really gets to an important point that teachers in all subject areas must remember. This point is the necessity of positive energy in your classroom. Starting out the class with a dull activity really sets the tone for the rest of the hour and everybody would rather start off the day singing and having fun! I am studying to be a Spanish teacher which opens up a lot of room for creativity in terms of what I can start the day with. Thanks for your thoughts on this! Cheers!


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