Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mobile Lectern To Support #LearningSpace - #NerdySpaces

I'm really excited to share about the Oklahoma Sound Corp® Smart Cart that was sent to me by the awesome people at They read my posts and tweets on creating better #NerdySpaces for my students and wanted to help. 

One of the things I wanted to do was open up more space for my students and for myself. One of the ways I did that was by eliminating the teacher desk and the cabinets. Once those were removed, I had so much more room to move my desks around. I was able to set up 4 areas for student that look like conference table designs. It gives me tons more room to move around the middle of the class. One of the students said they really liked it because it made class more social. That was a huge endorsement for me. However, I found myself still needing a place to put a few important items in my class. I needed a spot for my laptop, iPad, and just a few other things that I use regularly in class. That is where the Oklahoma Sound Corp® Smart Cart from Quill come in and saves the day. 

The traditional lectern is something that I have used for many years. It was a place for me to stand and talk to the students all class. Over the past couple of years, I have found that I do not use the lectern as much as I used to. The stationary aspect of the lectern was the major problem. When I moved things around in my room, I realized I had more space and I would love to be able to move freely with the tools that I need. 


Here are a few photos that show my current setup. I am able to have my HP Chromebook on top along with my Evernote Post-Its and my Evernote Moleskine notebook. I am able to move freely around the room, look at my lesson plans, take notes, and roll from table to table to engage with my students. I am able to have conversations with my students and take notes on anything I might need to address with them later on in class. In the past, I would have to maneuver around multiple desks and avoid a mine field of bags and chairs to get to each student. It was an event that often ended in awkwardly bumping into students as I tried to move around. 

By moving the teacher desk and other items out of my room, I have opened up the room to movement and that has led to more engagement with my students. That has been key. The mobile lectern now allows me to move more freely around the room. With a wireless mouse and keyboard, I do not even have to stick to the front of the room. I can move around and still keep information on the board. I also can carry the gigantic textbook with me as I move from table to table as well because there is a cool little shelf that flips up and down. 

I love the Oklahoma Sound Corp® Smart Cart and it has made my class better. The freedom it gives me to move around and keep the important items I need for class is a difference maker. Here are just a few more things that I love about it. 

  • It comes with a power cord so that devices can be charged at night. I just wheel it over to an outlet, plug it in, and let my devices I've connected to the power strip charge. 
  • All of the doors come with locks so all of my devices can be safe when I leave them to charge over night and I can keep my phone, wallet, or anything else in a safe place while I teach during the day. 
  • The desk top slides open for more storage space. I love being able to keep my books or laptop in there for easy access. 
  • Lightweight to move around and it was very easy to assemble. 
If you are looking to change the way your class flows, if you are interested in creating learning spaces in your classroom that allow more freedom for the students and the teacher, you need to consider ordering a Oklahoma Sound Corp® Smart Cart from right away. 

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