Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Chromebook Resources by @IntelEDU #IntelChromebooks

Title: Chromebook Resources by @IntelEDU #IntelChromebooks

Interested in Chromebooks? Intel has collected amazing resources by wonderful educators that share the wonderful things that can be done with Chromebooks in the classroom. If you visit, you will see information from Erin Klein, Lisa Neilsen, Viki Davis, and more.
You can also win an Intel-Powered Chromebook following @IntelEDU and tweeting which Intel-powered Chromebook feature is your favorite. Use hashtag #IntelChromebooks and you'll be entered to win a Chromebook with Intel Inside! Click here for more details.

Chromebooks have been growing in popularity and I’m seeing more and more educators with them as well as students. I am always pleased with my experience using a Chromebook and I am a big fan of the Intel-powered Chromebooks. They load much faster than others and the streaming is just better in my opinion. If you are looking for a new device solution for yourself or your classroom, Intel-Powered Chromebooks is where you should start your research. Check out their resources to see all of the great things you can do.

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