Thursday, December 5, 2013

Welcome to Science Class #SciChat

If you were ever looking for a different way to introduce Science ideas to students, look no further than +Tom McFadden and his YouTube channel. Here is an introductory video that you have to watch to appreciate the awesomeness that is Tom.

I met and had a chance to hang out with Tom while I was in San Francisco visiting YouTube a couple of months back and I was blown away by what Tom was doing. He was taking something he enjoyed and turning it into something amazing for his students. What I like most about these videos is that the students are involved in them and get to share in the process of creating and learning with others. These are the things students will remember years from now and might be the example that provides a spark to their curiosity in Science. 

Check out this video his students created discussing the people involved in the discovery of the Double Helix. 

There is something captivating about watching students share what they know with other students. This video works and it worth sharing with your students. Maybe it will encourage your students to attempt their own videos to explain Science topics to the class. 

We need more +Tom McFadden type teachers going out on a limb to do something different to engage students. If you have a minute, watch the videos, share them with Science teachers and leave Tom a comment. He is another example of an amazing teacher going beyond the bubble test to engage his students.


Here is Tom doing an impromptu Rap at YouTube

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