Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Spanish Is Your Amigo with @espanoles2amigo #EdChat

Kristen Williams was one of the coolest people I met when I was in San Francisco in October. She is funny, smart and really good at Spanish. If you want to know how awesome she is, she has been featured on Univision. Something I have been trying to accomplish for a number of years. Kristen is the brains behind and the face in front of the camera. Spanish is your Amigo is her YouTube channel dedicated to teaching people spanish and she is awesome.

I have never been very good with language classes in school. I tried German and Spanish and was barely OK with both. Watching a couple of Kristen's videos and I started to remember some of the things I learned over 15 years ago. I was really surprised at how easily it came back to me after only a couple of videos. 

I love the move to video for language learning. You can see so many options to learn languages and they are very expensive. Here is a Spanish teacher sharing ways to help people learn Spanish for free. I think YouTube will continue to grow in education as more and more educators embrace it as an instructional tool and not just a place to watch kitten videos. 

You can check out more videos on her YouTube channel and her website. You can also check her out on Twitter if you want to tweet her about her awesomeness. She is a great new amiga and you should consider sharing her videos with those learning Spanish, those who want to learn Spanish, or those that are helping others learn Spanish.

Ron Burgundy needs Spanish is you Amigo.

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  1. Spanish is an amazing language and it really took very short time for me to learn such language. I don't know about others but I feel pretty easier speaking Spanish and communicate with my friends nicely. Thanks.


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