Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Forgotten Thank You #EdChat

I wanted to spend a post thanking my students. Too often we look at students as "doing their job" by coming to school, but there are many things to be thankful for and I thought a post for my students would be a nice start. I will dedicated myself to thanking them on a regular basis at school because it is important to remember that we all liked to be thanked.

Thank You...

...for showing up on time for class. I know you have to get you brother and sister up, drive them to school and then get to your first hour class with a minute to spare if your lucky. It is easier to be late, but you get here every day and I appreciate that.

...for disagreeing with me in class. I love it when students have a different opinion and it took courage for you to voice yours in class when everyone else seemed to agree with me.

...for laughing at my stale jokes. I make them because I want to break the tension and just give us a break from the story. Even a pity laugh means much to a teacher.

...for doing the reading last night. I know you had choir really late last, but you still showed up with those three chapters read and ready to participate.

...for favoriting  my tweet. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is listening and it made me smile.

...for talking to me about something other than our curriculum. I love the books we read, but I sometimes find what you are doing outside of school far more interesting.

...for being the Team any teacher would Dream to have. Your smarts and silliness are perfectly balanced to make class a delight every single day.

...for trusting me. You did not have to talk to me about your problems, but I'm glad you did.

...for the hilarious tweet you sent. Goofy photos can make a crappy day a little less crappy.

...for stopping by for a chat between classes. I have never had you as a student, but your visits or always entertaining.

...for the thank you. These are few and far between from students and parents and that is why yours was so nice.

...for your faith in me that 20 Time is going to work and be awesome. Your faith in this is what makes it possible.

...for your honesty. Sometimes I need to be told when something is not working or I need to be better. A student perspective is valuable and always welcome.

...for the smiles. I do not know how you do it, but you come to class with a smile every single day. Your smile makes me smile and others around you smile. Keep it up.

...for not giving up when you hit that snag. You are smarter than you give yourself credit for and I knew you could do it with a little extra help.

...for your leadership during a very tough time. Many of us were trying to figure out what to do next and you were there for everyone. You have been awesome this year.

...for the absurd comments you make to break the tension when the staff is frustrated. Those moments off task can make everything move a bit smoother. Also, they can be very funny.

...for being you. It is not easy to be you in high school. Everything in the world around you says that you should not be you, but you do it. I wish I had your courage in high school.

I have said many of these to my students, but I should say all of them and everyone that comes to mind on the spot. Students have so much going on in their lives that we often forget that being them can be a chore when they are burdened with the rest of their life. I encourage you to take a moment and thank your students. Not just for doing their homework, but for all of the little things they do that make your job the best job in the world.