Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The #EduBroAwards - The Premier Education Awards Event of the Millennium

It's that time of year where everyone runs around and appoints the best of the best of the best. Tim, Jeff, Sir Ken and I (The Edu Bros) have decided that if somebody should give awards out for the best of the best of the best in education, it should be us. 

The EduBros are proud to announce "The EduBro Awards"! Please continue reading after you are done applauding. 

We are going to be doing things a bit differently this year. Instead of posting your nominations on Twitter or your own site, we want your nominations in the comment box below. Feel free pimp this post to get others to vote and use the tag #EduBros for all awards and non-awards related tweets. 

We are also going to do something a little different with the categories. Below, we will have some set in stone categories, but we encourage you to create your own. If nine other people nominate people in the category you created, it will make the cut. Another part of the awards is that you MUST nominate yourself for an award. It can be for an award category we created or one you made up yourself. If you can't pay yourself on the back, how can others? 

You can also suggest categories and nominations using #EduBroAwards on Twitter. We will scan these and add them when needed. 

Once all of the nominations are in, a very select panel will vote on the nominations and the awards will be announced on a Google Hangout. 

Here are the award categories:

Best Mustache in Education:

Best 6 foot or taller red headed NASCAR fan:

Best Hug Giver:

Twitter User Most Likely to RT a Post They Didn't Read:

Best Twitter Avatar:

Best Title to a Blog Post:

The Daniel LaRussa "You're The Best Around" Award:


All nominations must be left in the comment field. 

You must identify yourself in the comment. No anonymous comments.

You must nominate yourself for one of the EduBro created awards or one you created.

A user generated award becomes live when it has been used 10 times. 

Nominations end 24hrs after we announce the deadline. 

Rules are subject to change.

This contest is not endorsed by Sir Ken, but as an official EduBro, he unofficially endorses it. 

Good Luck! 


  1. My name is Joseph D'Addario. I'm from Toronto, Ontario and I'd like to Nominate myself for 'The Best Twitter Avatar' Award. My twitter:

    The avatar was taken while I was teaching children in Kenya as an educational humanitarian mission I did.

    Thank you. :)

  2. Best AWESOMENESS in the moring tweet- @web20classroom

    And I nominate myself @scholzet for rookie educational social media advocate not currently in the field of education.

  3. I'd like to nominate myself for most excited about ISTE EVAH...or the most non American American...

    And @michellek107 for fastest to reply to a tweet, always

    Best Mustache in Education: Tin Gwynn. Hands down.

    Best 6 foot or taller red headed NASCAR fan:... you mean the Steven Anderson Award for Steven Andersoness?

    Best Hug Giver: ooohhhh, now this one is a goodie. I would vote for Nick or Kyle on this one.

    Twitter User Most Likely to RT a Post They Didn't Read:

    Best Twitter Avatar: Kelly Tenkely is always a stunner

    Best Title to a Blog Post: The #EduBroAwards - The Premier Education Awards Event of the Millennium- Nick Provenzano.

    The Daniel LaRussa "You're The Best Around" Award: oh man, there are too many...way too many... I'll go soppy.... @weswick ;-)

    1. actually, I will also second this one... Best AWESOMENESS in the morning tweet- @web20classroom

      and best banter sessions to @courosa, @gcouros and @shareski

    2. I like that...The Steven Anderson Award for Steven Andersoness...that is an awards show I would watch!

  4. And I am going to be bold here and nominate myself for best hugged, seriously they are legendary

    Best twitter avatar has to be the sneak attack of nick and @web20classroom when they all of a sudden had strikingly similar avatars before ISTE

    I would like to add the category best multitasker which has to go to Jerry cybraryman

  5. Nominating myself and Melanie Broxterman (@teachwtechbrox) for the best play off the #EduBros. We are the #EduBesties!

  6. This is going to be some stiff competition here. Pernille just dropped the word "legendary" in the hug category? Oh it might have to be on now. :)

  7. Nominate myself (@blocht574) for- "Tweeter most likely with a typo". I second Mrs. Ripp on the best Multitasker -to Jeery B,

  8. I nominate @tiedemania for best educational use of a mustache:
    I nominate @iansands for his love of scones and creating a National Holiday for this:
    I nominate @ArtLadyHBK for her superhero powers of positive Tweets:
    I nominate @campbellartsoup for her speedy RTs
    I nominate myself for most tweets with misuse of their/there/they're @fuglefun (too many examples to share here)
    I nominate @greeneyegal for most swiped ideas on pinterest with the least credit

  9. I second @fuglefun's nomination of @tiedemania's moustache -- very impressive, I must say.
    I nominate @fuglefun for Sweetest Voice in Educational Videos
    I nominate @fryed for Bravest to Share Twitter with a New Staff
    I nominate @dougpete for Most Dedicated to #FollowFriday
    I nominate myself (@colleenkr) for being too excited on a Sunday morning about these #edubroawards! :)

  10. So let see...I honorably accept the nomination for Best 6 foot or taller red headed NASCAR fan. If you vote for me, I will represent all tall (and not so tall) red headed, NASCAR fans everywhere and I will do it with all my heart and redneck soul.

    Kyle, best hugs all around. Ask everyone at ISTE12...

    Tim gets my nod for the Most Awesome Family, Food, And Fun. That meal in Cali? Memorable. I still compare all meals against that one...

    And Nick, you get my nomination for Most Awesome Awards Recognizing The Most Awesome In Education!

    1. I second that award for Tim for the Most Awesome Family, Food, and Fun. That meal in San Diego was to die for! Great food, view, and friends!

  11. I second Steven's nomination of Nick for Most Awesome Awards Recognizing The Most Awesome in Education -- good call!

  12. One last one! (I think)... I nominate @stumpteacher for the best Twitter avatar. Can't get any more 'super'!

  13. My nominations:
    @fuglefun and @tiedemania for best pop duo or group performance in #artsed
    @iansands for most likely to bring a scone and critter to anywhere (and encourage others to do the same)
    @theresamcgee and @daveguymon for best use of QR codes
    @dsgran for best mustache in education
    @sharski should be nominated for something, just because it is a good thing to do
    @feralartist for being a funding cheerleader for all #artsed tweeps projects/contests
    @wmchamberlain for best non-chat chat #chatchat and for thoughtful responses to tweets
    @craigr for lifetime achievement as the founder of
    and I nominate myself for best smile (I was nominated for this in my cluster in 6th grade, so I figured it should still stand 20 years later). Although, @techsavvyed could be a close 2nd...

  14. Best Mustache in Education: Sorry Nick, this goes to Tim.

    Best 6 foot or taller red headed NASCAR fan: This is a really hard on, I'll get back to you on it.

    Best Hug Giver: Duh, Mr. Pace. And he gets "best body part check ins"

    Twitter User Most Likely to RT a Post They Didn't Read: Richard Byrne

    Best Twitter Avatar: I'm going to say Josh Allen because he NEVER changes his.

    Best Title to a Blog Post: "Do we need principals?" from Stump

    The Daniel LaRussa "You're The Best Around" Award: Seriously cannot narrow this down. During his horrible year, and years in the past my PLN has been my rock and have been there for me through so much. So yeah unless you need a list of like 100, I have no nominees for this.

  15. Best Mustache in Education: I'm nominating myself for this one! Anyone else get 150+ children to wear a mustache shirt to school on a regular basis??

    Best 6 foot or taller red headed NASCAR fan: Steven Anderson

    Best Twitter Avatar: @gwynethjones is the best by far!

    Best Title to a Blog Post: Going with Gwyneth again..."Dropbox it like it's hot!"

    I'm also on board with Steven's nomination of Nick for Most Awesome Awards Recognizing The Most Awesome in Education :)

  16. I've got a big ego so I'm nominating myself for Best Blog Post Title with - "Moose Sh**, Really?

  17. Ah! How could we forget...
    Best EdTech(ish) Game Show Host: Steve Dembo

  18. New category: The "Pay Yourself on the Back" award for the best typo in a blog post.

  19. I like Sylvia's category award for the Best Typo and I think I may have spelled my name wrong once ;-P

    Best Moustache- ohhh so tough between Tom Whitby & Tim Gwynn
    Best Chuck Taylors Ever on the Red Carpet Look- Nick, the nerdy teacher, of course!!!!
    Best Hug- Can I nominate my pug, Rosco? Each hug comes with a free hug ;-) He does have a Facebook page, and well Lisa Dabbs, @TeachingWthSoul I hear gives a mean one and I'm so excited to get one from her
    Most Likely to Tweet About Bacon- Oh wait that's the Steven Anderson award for Steven Anderson's so guess that goes to Steve ;-)
    A Smile That Kills (Female)- By far goes to Kelly Tenkely
    Always Thanks His Wife in A Keynote (Awwww)- Jerry Blumengarten, @Cybraryman1
    Best Avatar- Can I nominate Nerdy Baby? @BabyProvenzano of course! Who can beat that killer smile Although I always love @DaveGuymon's avatars

  20. See, typo again! LOL! I meant that Rosco gives a free lick on the face with every hug :-) I might also be up for overuse of emoticons and exclamation marks ;-)

  21. I would like to nominate myself for "Most Likely to Write Something Snarky About Apple and Blog Posts Proclaiming Apple the Savior of American Education."

  22. I would like to nominate myself for the "Blogger most likely to edit a blog post after his spouse reads it and corrects his grammer/spelling" because it happens every time.

    I would also like to nominate @johntspencer and @wmchamberlain for the "Best Random Hashtagers" - John cracks me up and inspires me with hashtags like #saidnoteacherever and I don't think William has ever met a hashtag he didn't like.

    Best hugger - I've never been hugged by Kyle Pace but now I feel left out and I'm a little sad about it. I was going to go with Angela Maiers. (Just don't tell my wife. Honey if you are reading this, if you were an edublogger, I'd nominate you.)

    Ok, I think I'll stop now before I get in trouble. :)

  23. @tomwhitby I would like to self-nominate myself for 3 awards:
    Best Mustache in Education:This is a given. I expect to take this walking away. Thank you one and all for your support.I plan to display this award at every conference I attend. It would behoove anyone who would like to see and touch this award in person to vote for me. I will soon be at a conference near you.

    Best 6 foot or taller red headed NASCAR fan: I also would like to self nominate for this award as well. I am not quite 6 feet tall and my hair is now White, but for all anyone knows it was red back in the day. As far as NASCAR goes, I may not know what it is but I support it whatever it is, as I always have. BTW since you did not state the requirements for said award, I will sue your ass for discrimination against old people if I do not get it.

    Additionally, I want the Almost-Tech-Savvy Curmudgeon Award.
    Don't expect any acceptance speech, just send the Awards. BTW is there cash attached to this?

    Hey what about The LUDDITE Award for being able to use technology to advance an agenda without really knowing how to use technology. That is not an Award for me, but I can think of a few candidates.

    Thanks for these Awards Nick. Please get them here before Christmas. I want them under the tree.

  24. Here we go:

    Best Mustache in Education: Tim Gwynn.

    Best 6 foot or taller red headed NASCAR fan: Shannon Miller on a stepstool.

    Best Hug Giver: I'll have to hug every in the category to answer this question. Please form a single line.

    Twitter User Most Likely to RT a Post They Didn't Read: What? Who would do that?

    Best Twitter Avatar (F): Lyn Hilt (with Cole)

    Best Twitter Avatar (M): Andy Marcinek - way too cool.

    Best Title to a Blog Post: Why I Unfollowed 5,000 People

    Other categories that should have been established:

    Best unfollower: Me (Baldy7)

    Best Mayor of the Internet: John Pederson (ijohnpederson)

  25. Best Cookies - mom of @kylepace
    Best Hashtagger - @wmchamberlain founder of #chatchat
    Twitter User Most Likely to RT a Post They Didn't Read - Me (@motechtrainer)

  26. I nominate Jeremy MacDonald for best hipster spectacles. (see FB status update today)

    1. Um. I'm thinking there are several other worthy candidates for this one. I'd have to vote for Royan Lee for best hipster specs.

    2. Royan takes the cake, but you remain nominated. Enjoy your badge.

  27. I am sure the EduBros awards will blow the Bammies out of the box. Not hard, I know, but worth it.

    I nominate myself for an award to be named later.

    I second the nomination of Shannon as the Best 6 foot or taller red headed NASCAR fan and I will also nominate her as the best hugger. Kyle gives too many and cheapens his product. Shannon's are memorable.

    I'd like to nominate Shelly Terrell as the pug lover who least looks like a pug, for which I am very grateful.

    1. I will second Deven's nomination for whichever award he comes up with

    2. Awhhhh thank you Deven. Yours are great too.

      And gotta love you and Tony's Best 6 foot or taller red headed NASCAR fan. :)


  28. Best Mustache in Education: This one is a tie between Akevy Greenblatt (@akevy613) and Dr. David Timony (@DrTimony) Great minds and great mustaches!

    Best 6 foot or taller red-headed NASCAR fan Ron McAllister (@rondmac) I think he must be 6 feet and he has red hair. I have no idea whether he's a NASCAR fan, but he might be

    Best hug giver: Jeff Pulver (@jeffpulver) #140edu just wouldn't be the same without hugs from Jeff

    Twitter user most likely to retweet a post they didn't read (or in this case tweet a post they didn't read) @TeacherCast with 24,600 tweets in just a year and a half; who could possibly read that many. But, he does share great content!

    Best Twitter Avatar: @TeacherCast Love the apple with the graduation hat! If you're tweeting that much, at least look good!

    Best Title to a Blog Post - Angry Birds by Kathy Perret (@kathyperret) She had game lovers around the world reading about assessment for learning with this title

    The Daniel LaRussa "You're the Best Around" Award #EduBroAwards for making me laugh

    I nominate myself Shira Leibowitz (@shiraleibowitz) for: best tweeting female rabbi with a black belt in taekwondo (OK, I admit. I'm looking for a category without much competition. If I'm not a shoe in for this one, I want to meet the others who qualify.)

  29. I'm also voting for Shannon on a step stool as Nascar's hottest 6 foot red head. Also Walter Mckenzie for Facebook Posts That Make Me Most Laugh and Deven Black as Best Tastebuds for a PLNer and Tom Whitby for Hawaiian Shirt Wearing Guru and Adam Brice for Cutest Kid Superhero Pics and John Spencer for Consistent Great Blog Titles like 14 Reasons Multiple Choice Tests Suck, A Ferrari in the School Zone, Only the Pretty Get to Have a Voice, A Seven-Year-Old's Vision for School Reform, and Doing the Dishes #bestthingsinlife

  30. Most likely to get recognition for a smart a$$ hashtag, me.#chatchat

    Best ukulele playing in my PLN @onepercentyellow I am so in awe!

    Social fertilizer award @intrepidteacher Not a BS award. #seriously

    Best disappearing/reappearing act on Twitter @johntspenser The master of the hiatus.

    Most likely to get shin splints on his shin splints @stumpteacher How many days in a row now?

    Most annoying tweets during college football season @amandacdykes #rolltide ;)

    Biggest lurker @Waukeestudent Bet you didn't even know he was there!

    Best Twitter handle @Poh Is it pronounced like Poe or Pooh? I don't know and that makes it #awesomesauce!

    Best clammer @BHS_Doyle I don't really like clams, but if he cooked them for me I would eat them with a smile!

    Best social conscience (tie) @MissShugana and @IraSocol I learn so much from them.

  31. I'd like to nominate myself (@MissShuganah) for best Special Education poet. And also for best non-educator with an education blog.

    Seconding @irasocol for social conscience and I would also nominate him for history of education.

    I nominate @courosa and @gcouros for best brother act.

  32. Seconding Shelly Terrell on John Spencer for best consistent blog titles. They are always interesting and upbeat! Is the only thing I legitly read in my Google Reader feed.

    Will Chamberlain for best hashtagger and #chatchatter Always there to talk when you need someone whether it’s fun or serious (most times both simultaneously). He ALWAYS brightens my day.

    @russgoerend Has the best incite and knowledge on many various topics: education, life, finance, history, technology to name a few of our conversations. Is also the best proofreader and short story teller out there.

    And for myself, well, I’ll go with best nerdy, education reformist at 15 years. I really could not imagine my life without Twitter and my (older in age, not necessarily maturity) PLC.

  33. Now this is an EduAward I can really get behind :)

    Best Mustache in Education: It's a tough call - I am going have to say it is a tie between Tim and Tom. I mean Tim has got the grooming thing going, which is awesome - but Tom has that whole "I wouldn't recognize you if this thing was shaved off" look.

    Best 6 foot or taller red headed NASCAR fan: Um... That would be my Bacon-Loving Buddy @web20classroom

    Best Hug Giver: Another tough category... It's been a few months for me. But I would have to give this another tie between @shannonmmiller and @kylepace.

    Best Twitter Avatar: I have to give it to @stumpteacher - not the current version - but the "old school" one - I am a sucker for the Superman pose...

    And I nominate myself for the "Most slides in one presentation" Award - which I will be competing with myself again for next year.

  34. Shoulda Been a Lawyer Cuz He Likes to Argue So Much Award: @wmchamberlain

    Wise Beyond His Years Award: @stevejmoore

    Best kale chips recipe: @jenansbach

    She's Got Vision and the Rest of the World's Wearing Bifocals Award: @pammoran

    MTPM (Most Tweets Per Minute) Award: @andreazellner

    And me: Best Mets Fan Profile Pic

  35. Best Mustache in Education: If Tim Gwynn would have kept is ISTE12 'stache, I'd vote him, but for best "long term" 'stache, I say Tom Whitby.

    Best 6 foot or taller red headed NASCAR fan: @web20classroom

    Best Hug Giver: Um...@kylepace.

    Twitter User Most Likely to RT a Post They Didn't Read: Um...most of us. It's a group award.

    Best Twitter Avatar: I will have to vote @chrisjstahl on this one.

    Best Title to a Blog Post: of mine, "#Unexpected"

    The Daniel LaRusso "You're The Best Around" Award: My vote is for @johntspencer -- the guy can think and write and teach and question and...

    1. The stache is back. Back again. Stache is back. Tell your friends.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Let's try this again:

      The #thatguy award: @wmchamberlain -- he does a great job of being #thatguy when you need on (or when you don't need one).

      Best Bed and Breakfast in Nebraska: @mrskmpeters

      Cutest kids: @mrmacnology...there was no bias in this decision, just facts.

    2. Why do I get the feeling you were going to call me something else and thought better of it?

    3. I second the Best Bed & Breakfast in Nebraska! Where are my other visitors to attest to this??

  37. Best Mustache in Education: Tim Gwynn. At this point, I feel it has become sentient and I don't want to hurt it's feelings by not nominating.

    Best 6 foot or taller red headed NASCAR fan: Chuck Norris

    Best Hug Giver: Nick's Mustache. Don't ask.

    Twitter User Most Likely to RT a Post They Didn't Read: That Diane Ravitch chick is a spammer.

    Best Twitter Avatar: Sarah Silverman. Mustached and everything.

    Best Title to a Blog Post: "I am not a brand, you are not a brand, and neither are our students" --> a title to a draft post of mine that has been sitting around for almost 3 years waiting to be written. This counts as my self-nomination even though it doesn't actually exist.

    The Daniel LaRussa "You're The Best Around" Award: I vote for William Chamberlain because up until now I had no idea that a person could be a "clammer"

  38. Best Mustache in Education: I'm going with Tom Whitby on this one. That mustache says integrity. Reminds me of the dude who sells soup and medical equipment.

    Best 6 foot or taller red headed NASCAR fan: I've never met her, but I've always imagined that would be @ktenkely

    Best Hug Giver: I've never experienced a Kyle Pace hug, but if you say so... Otherwise, I'm going with @angelamaiers. Pretty sure her whole life is a hug.

    Twitter User Most Likely to RT a Post They Didn't Read: Define read.

    Best Twitter Avatar: That would be @preschoolgems

    Best Title to a Blog Post: Facebook is not a Chair by @johntspencer. I was confused about that. Then I saw that post.

    The Daniel LaRussa "You're The Best Around" Award: How can one decide?

    I nominate myself for most likely to be the anti-tweeter to Amanda Dykes on January 7th. #GoIrish

  39. I nominate @stevenjmogg for "The Best Middle School 120 lb Football Assistant Coach of All-Time"

  40. Does the BEST HUGGER category include tree huggers? If so, I nominate myself. I have photographic proof that I hug trees ... really well.

  41. I nominate myself, @bethstill, for the award for Best Educrib Coordinator. I have a special talent for finding great accommodations that are cheap and allow me to stay with my favorite people in the world!

    Best Mustache in Education: Tim Gwynn

    Best 6 foot or taller red headed NASCAR fan: Opie!

    Best Hug Giver: Kyle Pace, but I will need at least one more to make sure.

    Twitter User Most Likely to RT a Post They Didn't Read: nobody ever does this ;)

    Best Twitter Avatar: Josh Stumpenhorst because I was the one who suggested that he wear the Superman shirt for the photoshoot.

    Best Title to a Blog Post: Why I Unfollowed 5,000 People by Tony Baldesaro

    The Daniel LaRussa "You're The Best Around" Award: Scott Floyd because he has always been there when I have asked for help and advice.

    I also vote for @mrskmpters for Best Bed and Breakfast in Nebraska which actually did not include breakfast, but did include lots of sloppy, wet kisses from Murphy!

    Handiest Former ISTE Newbie- Richard Byrne (Thank you for all your help on my house. We will make sure to time another remodeling project for next November.)

    Person Beth Still would most want to trade places with- Tie between Audrey Watters and Diane Laufenberg- Hardly a day goes by when I don’t think about how amazing it would be to go to all of the places you ladies visit. Not to mention you are both brilliant.

    Most Likely to Make Funny Jokes on Twitter- Amanda Dykes. I also want to nominate her for Person Who Looks Great Even with Rollers in Her Hair award.

    Most Likely to Have “Hot” Item on them- Steve Johnson (If you want the background behind this nomination then find me at ISTE13.)

    1. I second Beth's nomination of herself for Best EduCrib Coordinator! The Hacienda was A-MAH-ZING!

    2. Yes for the EduCrib Coordinator! and HAHA on the rollers!!

  42. So since I am definitely going to lose out best hugger to Kyle - which means I am totally unfollowing and unfriending him because I can't deal with that - I will now nominate myself for
    "Most fashionable will super fat and morning sick because of twin pregnancy!"

    And if Kyle takes that one too then I know these awards are rigged

    And I think Nick gets the award for supposedly nicest guy on Twitter

    1. If there was a 'like' button here, I would have pressed it. Awesome! Won't agree with the super fat, but definitely most fashionable -- loved the blog posts! I'll second this nomination!

  43. I nominate myself for Best Educator Who Should Have a Record Deal... :) Give me a mic and some Adele and I'm a happy girl!

    Best Mustache in Education: @tgwynn Tim Gwynn, hands down.

    Best 6 foot or taller red headed NASCAR fan: @web20classroom My bacon-loving friend Steven Anderson.

    Best Hug Giver: @KylePace
    Best Calves: @KylePace

    Twitter User Most Likely to RT a Post They Didn't Read: I'm with @MrMacnology's a group award

    Best Twitter Avatar: @ktenkely - just gorgeous!

    Best Title to a Blog Post: Why I Unfollowed 5,000 People by Tony Baldasaro

    The Daniel LaRussa "You're The Best Around" Award: Too many to list!

    Best fashion: @ktenkely

    Most likely to respond to a tweet the quickest: @michellek107

    Most excited about ISTE EVAH: @edusum

    Best bald head: @j_allen

    Best conference must-have: @kylepace 's mom's cookies AND @redvines

    Best death on the Oregon Trail: @tgwynn

  44. New category: Best Karaoke version of "Baby Got Back" at educational conferences: Me

    If you still have video of this, please delete.

    Also, if there's an award for Bacon Tweeting, I would also like to be nominated.

  45. Category Suggestion: Most Robotic Sounding Twitter Handle???

  46. If there's a FB component I totally win for Most Creative Status updates involving Ben & Jerry's ice cream. That said, here are my nominations...

    Best Mustache in Education: Me. I haven't had a chance to get that bad boy waxed.

    Best 6 foot or taller red headed NASCAR fan: I second Shannon Miller on a step stool.

    Best Hug Giver: Me again...I give great hug.

    Twitter User Most Likely to RT a Post They Didn't Read: I didn't even read this category.

    Best Twitter Avatar: LeVar Burton because IT. JUST. IS.

    Best Title to a Blog Post: I nominate any blog post that Tom Whitby & Nick Provenzo have ever written.

    The Daniel LaRussa "You're The Best Around" Award: Nick for all his Evernote help!

  47. Ok y'all got sweet stuff and I get "annoying" "unfollow" "jokes" and my hot rollers made the cut. I feel like I should just quit the internets.

    1. I would offer a hug, but according to these nominations, that is not my strength.

    2. Maybe I could touch the magical mustache.

    3. Yes, you may touch it. It truly is magical. It is not the plain type of mundane and muddled mustache that Tim Gwynn has. It is both Regal and Magical. Thanks for the recognition. Damn your eyes Tim Gwynn!

  48. Best stache in education? @tgwynn
    Best avatar? I'm nominating myself, so there! One word: Yoda!
    Award for latest to join in a twitter conversation? Me again. Look how long it took for me to make it here...
    Best blog post: everyone who blogs. Seriously, I don't know how you do it. Anything that comes from the heart is a winner.

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    1. I feel "fervently" about this, too.

      I nominate alex adam for The Spammer Who Has No Idea What This Blog Post Is About Award.

      Let's gain some more data about this extremely useful topic.


    2. I second that nomination!

  50. I nominate myself for the "Most Tolerant EduBro Wife" Award...or "Most Beautiful EduBro Wife"...or "Funniest EduBro Wife"...any of those would work for me...

  51. I'd like to nominate myself (@bennettscience) for the "Fastest One-Hand Typer in the Midwest" award. Multitasking is a skill, not a gift.

    Best EduStache - @tgwynn

    Best Title to a Blog Post: Why I Unfollowed 5,000 People by Tony Baldesaro

    Best Snarky Comments (this might be titled as something else...) - @amandacdykes

    Best hashtag: #chatchat from @wmchamberlain

  52. I nominate Chris Wejr for the most greatest of all award cuz he likes awards so much!

  53. I would like to nominate myself (@lesahaney) for the Best Mustache in Education. As I have entered the personal heatwave time in my life, I have begrudgingly came to terms with my new facial hair.

  54. I like the best unfollower award and agree with @baldy7 's self-nomination.

    I would like to add a few categories:

    Best Couros on Twitter (6 feet and over category)...I will let the people speak on this one.

    Nicest person I have ever met: @patrickmlarkin

    Best DMer award goes to @ChrisWejr.

    Tweeter that you can hear their voice when they tweet: @amandacdykes y'all!

    Best use of hashtags in blog posts: @plugusin

    Most influential dinner bought for me by a tweeter: @shareski

    Most tweeted restaurant by educators whether they like it or not: @AppleBees

    Best thing to do at edconferences: #karaoke

    Lifetime achievement award for their constant comments on education related articles: @Spammers

    Best comment I have ever seen on a blog: "Your blog is nice."- Posted on Dean Shareski's blog by the winner of the LTA winner.

    Best awards gala that wasn't really awards or a gala but was still fun: The Bammys

    Best award show that reminded me of both Bam Bam from the Flinstones and Bam Bam Bigelow: The Bammys

    Award ceremony name that Amanda Dykes should steal for educators in her state: Triple winner time --> The Bammys!

  55. I humbly nominate, second, third, or wherever these may be at thus far as follows:

    Best blog post title > @RachelAnneLevy's "Sex, Shit 'n Standardized Testing!"

    Best Hashtag > @wmchamberlain's #chatchat (#justsayin')

    Though I don't like to nominate myself for things, but out of respect to the rules, I nominate myself for > Best handle honoring one of the greatest dogs that ever lived: @swpax

    And though I won't nominate myself for this, if anyone in the edutwittersphere ever had the opportunity to hug me, I mean really hug me, I can confidently state they'd find my hugs worthy of recognition; a great big, but gentle giant bear hug that takes you off your feet without feeling squeezed, and it energizes more then the bunny ever could. #justsayin'



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