Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Epic Evernote Experiment Update for November

Another month has passed and I want to share an update with all of you on how the EEE is going.

My Freshmen just completed their first big project. They needed to create their own project that needed to explain and support one of the themes covered in "Of Mice and Men". The students quickly formed their groups and got to work.

One of the things they did was to create shared notebooks and work on their parts of the projects in the shared notebook. This allowed the students to do their own work, but also see what others were doing and provide feedback.

Some students typed up scripts on their notes while others worked on drawings they would later add to the shared notebook.

Despite the varied projects (Puppet show, rewrite of "Walk this Way", Power Point and others) each group of students were able to use Evernote to organize their project. It was really nice to see the students take to Evernote for that type of planning.

My Sophomores are starting work on their big semester project. They just finished reading various Transcendentalist essays and are now going to work in groups to create the ideal Transcendentalist Society and create an infomercial to "sell" the class on moving there.

My Sophomores are little more mature and organized, so I have a good feeling about how they will be using Evernote to organize and share their ideas. I'm really looking forward to this project and the students will have 2 weeks to finish and present.

The new iOS app for Evernote rolled out the other day and I love it. It has many new features that make using Evernote easier than ever before. Check out this Evernote page for details on all of the new features.

I have happily used my IPEVO document camera to show things to classes, my Doxie Scanner to scan in documents I wanted to share with students and staff, my Boogie Board Rip for quick note-taking and writing to explain a process to a student, my Livescribe has been awesome in recording lessons I want students to access later if needed and I have loved using my Moleskine to sit and jot down my ideas and scan into Evernote later. It is really handy at the edcamps I've been to lately. If you haven't had a chance to use any of these amazing products, please give them a try. They are awesome.

That is it for now. I'm on my way back from Redwood, California where I was able to spend the day at Evernote's office and be blown away. There will be a post on that experience in the coming days.

If you want to start your Evernote journey now, follow this link to sign up!

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  1. I'm so glad you're sharing your experiment--I just found out I'll be getting a class set of iPads next semester. It's a huge responsibility--first step in determining how we increase our student-device ratio. I'd like to use Evernote as part of that, so I've been reading all your past posts more closely than I did at first!


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