Wednesday, July 18, 2012

#NerdyCast Episode 5 with Summer Howarth (@EduSum) - Big News

#NerdyCast Episode 5 is here and ready for your listening pleasure. This Episode's special guest comes all the way from the future and Australia. Summer Howarth (@EduSum) is one of my new favorite people and I really wanted her on the #NerdyCast after I had a chance to talk with her at ISTE12. 

Summer and I discuss the finner points of Middle School, her dad's shark attack, Learning Spaces, "The Shire" (An Australian Jersey Shore) and other important educational topics. Summer also dropped a huge exclusive during the Episode. It was the first "exclusive" in #NerdyCast history, so stay tuned because it could bow your mind. 

You can read Summer's blog, A View from the Middle at and folloer her on Twitter at @EduSum. Enjoy the #NerdyCast!

You can find my #NerdyCast on iTunes (Sometimes take a day to load to iTunes) or Podomatic.

- The Nerdy Teacher