Monday, July 9, 2012

Call Me Maybe #EngChat

No matter how hard I try, my brain is always thinking of potential lessons. With my blog, I have the ability to share these ideas and get some feedback. I was driving home today when Call Me Maybe came on the radio. I have heard the song and have seen the Harvard Baseball video, but had never really listend to the lyrics. I was paying attention this time around and hear the lyrics and found them pretty descriptive. Silly but descriptive.

As an English Teacher, I'm always striving to find ways to engage my students in poetry. It is not the easiest thing in the world and I always turn to music to show them the beauty of poetry in the world around them. As I listend to this song, I thought about the lyrics and wondered what the actual music video looked like. Did the video show an accurate representation of the song? The next thought was the lesson.

What if I had my students take songs they liked and create music videos based solely on the lyrics? I could have kids recreate the videos of their popular songs while focusing on the imagery the artists provide. I got really excited about this project and even came up with an alternative option for the students who do not have access to a camera to record their videos. Those students can create storyboards and draw out their video. I see these as group projects where students can dive into the language, look at songs as poetry and use these words to create visual representations of the the songs.

Lastly, I am big on modeling assignments when it is possible and I thought I might reach out to my PLN to recreate Call Me Maybe in a literal fashion. I might be sending out emails this summer asking for people to film parts of the song so I can edit them all together to show my students.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think.  Is this a good idea, or just a silly idea. Well, I guess it can be both.