Friday, July 6, 2012

Dr Nerdy Teacher? #edchat

Dr Nerdy Teacher?

I've been exploring my options since I've finished my Masters in Educational Technology. I was hoping it would open doors to allow me to work at the district level to move things forward in instructional technology. While some doors have been opened, I'm not quite ready to take the family out of state, but am closer than ever before. Much of SE Michigan has not quite grasped the importance of instructional technologists. Some districts lump this important job in with tech directors (nuts and bolts people) or have not addressed the plan at all. I love my current district and the Metro Detroit area. The thought of being a Tigers, Lions, Red Wings and Pistons can outside of Michigan doesn't appeal to me, but it might be necessary if I want to continue to grow as a professional.

This growth brings me to an important crossroad. Do I look at getting a Ph.D. in Educational Sciences with a Focus on School Technology Leadership from the University of Kentucky, or do I look at getting a degree in school administration?

I've been told my lack of an administrative degree hurts me when applying for jobs. I feel that an admin degree will not make better at teaching technology to staff or preparing professional development for buildings or districts. I do these things now, so how will this degree in admin (not focused on tech) make me better? I'm not saying I couldn't learn something from this program, but is it necessary to do what I want?

The PH.D. program is exciting, but expensive. I'm also not sure it addresses my problem. Being Dr. Provenzano couldn't hurt and I feel like I could learn many different things in this program, but I'm not sure if it is the right fit.

I feel like districts are slow moving at seeing the power of a teacher given a chance to move a district forward. Relying on career admins to change the face of PD or address the changes in instruction with new technologies is a formula for failure if these people do not have experience using these tools. If I head down the admin route, do I risk becoming one of those people? If I purse the doctorate, do I become bogged down in research? I would really love your thoughts as I continue to think about my options in the coming year.