Saturday, November 13, 2010

Edublog Award Nominations

Here are my list of nominations for the Edublog Awards There are so many great people out there that I learn from each and every day. Here are some that I could not live without.

Best individual blog - - Kelly Tenkely - @KTenkely

Best individual tweeter - @ShellTerrell - Shelly Terrell

Best new blog - Upside Down Education by Amanda Dykes @AmandaCDykes

Best resource sharing blog - The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness - - Michael Zimmer - @MZimmer557

Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion - #edchat

Best teacher blog - Philly Teacher Mary Beth Hertz @mbteach

Best librarian / library blog - Bright Ideas Blog - - @brightideasblog

Best School Administrator blog - A Principal's Reflections - - Eric Sheninger

Best use of a PLN - Connected Principals - #cpchat


  1. Thanks for including me in a great list of people, educators, and bloggers. May we both continue to grow in our educational journey's

  2. Thanks for including me in your list. I am in great company here! I am dreading doing my many great blogs and educators changing the world!

  3. Hey thanks for the nomination! You are so kind! Wow.

  4. AAAAHHH Nick!

    I'm so honored and thanks for writing a few words about the Beiber even if it was a bit cynical ;-) Can't wait to bowl with you someday! Maybe this year! I may have something up my sleeve ;-)


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