Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Student Created Web2.0 Projects - Catcher in the Rye

Here are some great examples of student work I've been bragging about for the past few days. I tweeted some yesterday, but these were too good to live in Twitterland alone. The students have been great at posting on the presenters personal Wallwisher. It keeps them focused and the presenter has a great collection of comments to review later that day. The entire project is working very well and can be used with any content area. Take a look at the different projects and let me know what you think and I will pass them on to the students.

Here is one great example of a Blabberize created by a student.

Here is a cool project that used GoAnimate! Catcher in the Rye by Giggles415

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

Here is a Puppet Show by two students. Just goofy good times.

Here is a very cool blog a student created. It's a site selling The Catcher in the Rye T-shirts. The best part about this project is that she actually made the shirts and gave them to me. Free swag always gets you a good grade! :-)

Here are just a few examples of what my students can do. There is another one I can't put up yet that is amazing. A student tooks clips from the movie Stand By Me and linked it up to the story line of The Catcher in the Rye. It was just good stuff. He used and it worked very well. Please leave a comment if you liked something or have a suggestion to improve the lesson. I'm always open to becoming a better teacher and making lesson stronger for the kids. I'll have some more projects later in the week. Thanks for stopping.


  1. I hope your proud of your students. They have done a great job. I love the music in the GoAnimate piece; it fits well. You're an example for other teachers by giving up testing. I'm not in the classroom this year, but I did the same in all of my classes last year. It is amazing how talented and creative the kids are when we don't get in their way.

  2. Nice work. We're going 1:1 next year at my school, and 'm already casting around for new assessment ideas. This is good food for thought. Refresh my memory: what guidelines did you lay down for the students, and how much were freedom did they have to design the assessment? (Or you can just refer me to the appropriate blog post.)


  3. Very cool. I hope they really enjoyed doing these terrific pieces of work.

  4. Well-done. I am a big fan of the book and enjoyed all the projects.
    Students did a very good job of using tech tools to demonstrate knowledge and important themes in he book.

  5. Nick, I'm very impressed with your students' projects. I'd be interested to see the initial direction and guidance you gave them, since the projects shown here are such different ways of capturing the themes and symbols of the same novel. These projects showcase the talents of your students in interpreting the text as well as utilizing their mulitmedia talents. But more importantly, they show your creativity as an educator to provide opportunities for students to make meaningful, creative, and fun connections with the text. I've picked up "Catcher in the Rye" countless times, but have never made a personal connection with Holden or his story. However, these projects show the connection your students have made and make me see the story in a different light. Thanks for the insight into the novel as well as your creative educational practices.


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