Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another Reason I Love my iPad

I was working on some school stuff at home and I thought I had saved it to my Dropbox folder so I could access it later at school. I must have clicked the wrong folder because it was not there for me to access and that annoyed me very much. I needed to work on it at school and share it with other teachers. My wife had already left for work so I couldn't have her just email me the file. Luckily I had the LogMeIn App for my iPad because it saved the day. The App allowed me to synch up with my home computer from my iPad and search for the file. After some looking around, I found the file and was able to open my Dropbox folder and drop the document there. The internet at my school was acting a bit screwy, as normal, so I disconnected from my home desk top and opened up Dropbox on my iPad and there was the document. I opened up my DocsToGo App, because it links to my Dropbox account, and found the document I was looking for. I then emailed the document to myself and edited it without any problems. A complete disaster was averted.

Now, I understand I could have just emailed the document from my home computer using the LogMeIn App, but I really wanted to see what my iPad could do using multiple apps. It was very nice knowing that one step could have solved the probelm, but I wanted to know how it would work if I needed multiple apps to solve a problem. The interface was quick and easy to use. The whole process did not take me more that 15 minutes. Most of that time was waking my home desk top up and connecting. Everything else was very quick and easy.

For those of you who are unsure of getting an iPad, let me assure you that it has been worth the price for me. It has not solved world hunger, but it has made my life as an educator easier. That is important for any teacher to know.

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  1. Another reason for me to get an iPad. They will be released here in Australia in 8 (not counting or anything) days.


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