Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm Exhausted...

On a slightly personal note, we (teachers) have a tentative agreement (TA) with our school district. Thanks to all of the teachers that supported my tweets and frustration. It was a long school year without a contract, but we can relax for the next four years and hope that the Michigan economy will find a way to support education. Thanks to all of the teachers in the district that didn't let the dark cloud of working without a contract get in the way of providing a stellar education the community has come to expect.

Personally, I feel like I've been running non-stop since the start of the school year and I only started this blog and Twitter account in January. I cannot even wrap my brain around doing this all school year round. Yikes! Because of this endeavor, I have been able to make some great friends along the way. There are too many to even name, but you know who you are. We have been there supporting each other when the teaching world seems like a stranger to us. I know for a fact I would not be writing this post if it were not for all of you. Thanks again. Also, @JenniferPro (My amazing wife and soul mate) I never would have been able to make it through this school year without you. If other teachers are reading this, give those significant others a huge kiss. They deserve it for putting up with teachers that commit the kind of time we do to Twitter and Blogs to make ourselves and other better.

What's next for The Nerdy Teacher?

Here are some things I have lined up till the end of the school year. They are in no particular order.

1. I will finish the second half of my 90's Nick Tech Integration Post. Not as popular as the movie ones, but as I said, the select few that get it, loved it.

2. I feel I would be crazy not to do a Saved By The Bell Tech Integration Post. I feel that is lined up in July when I should be Lesson Planning but will be watching re-runs of SBTB on TBS.

3. I have two Proms to Chaperon and a Relay for Life 24 Hour event to be at. A teacher called in a favor and I will be hanging out with teens for 24 hours at a local park. Sorry Yoon, but no EdCampPhilly for me. :-(

4. Continued work on my Masters. Ughhhhh, but it will pay the bills later on.

5. Find an 80's movies I haven't seen. This will take all summer I suppose.

6. Convince the powers that be that WiFi should be pen to Teachers and Students. Encourage students to bring their laptops into school and use them as exploration tools of education instead of really fancy typewriters.

7. Hunt down @SteveJobs and convince him that giving me a class set of iPads would be good for everyone involved. (Seriously, if anyone could get a hold of that guy for me, you would be my BFF. I'm serious here. I would be Screech Powers to your Zach Morris! That's how serious I am.)

8. Sleep!!!!!!!

9. Tweet up with my new friends at ISTE! I can't freaking wait for this! I'm making t-shirt for this and they will be Epic. I'll post my concepts so you can order yours. Again, E P I C !

10. Change the world of education one Tweet/Blog Post at a time.

I figured I would save the easiest one for last. ;-)


  1. Just got off a week of school vacation. It felt like 10 days of weekends one after another. What a joy!
    Watched the 80's wonder Hercules starring Lou Ferrigno a must see for the costumes.

  2. Nick, you have achieved so much in a short space of time, and with the job thing hanging over your head. Hats off to you!

    Glad all is well re your job. Seriously will you get more $ once you've completed your Masters? I have 2 and never earned a cent more. But we are talking about Australia here...

  3. You are exhausted! Thank you for all of your tireless work for the other teachers in Michigan, for our PLN, and the blogging alliance members (oh yeah, and the students you teach each and every day!)
    There is a lot on your plate but I am particularly excited about numbers 1, 2, and 9. As for hunting down @SteveJobs, you may have to fight me for it :)

    Can't wait to see you at ISTE!


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