Sunday, April 11, 2010

What Would Romeo's Facebook Page Look Like?

Facebook Template for Class Projects - Suzanne Whitlow's Great blog 

This is such a  great template that can be used in any subject out there.  I would use this in my Lit Classes and have student create a Facebook page for characters in a story. Imagine what Romeo and Juliet would post on their pages after a wonderful evening on the balcony. What might Tybalt post on Mercutio's wall after a exchange of harsh words in town? I love being an English teachers because it really allows me to do almost anything I can think of when it comes to projects. English is not the only class that you could use Facebook templates for though.

You could create Facebook profiles for famous men and women in history. What might Winston Churchill place on FDR's wall? What does Cleopatra do with here constant relationship status changes? The possibilities are endless and could lead to some great projects as students research the type of music that these men and women might have listened to or they type of plays the preferred to watch. I created one for Romeo using a template. It took me 35 minutes to complete this and post it to slide share. It was fun and required a little research to make sure I had the time-line correct. I think that my students will love this when I ask them to do it for Holden in The Catcher in the Rye.

You need to download the SlideShare to see the pictures for some reason. I assure you, it is worth the download! Sorry.

This is such a great way to present information for the first time to students or give the information in class and ask the students to create the profile using primary sources of information. They could stretch their research legs while flexing their creativity muscles. I think this would be a blast to use in Social Studies if I have to teach History again. What would Douglass put on Lincoln's wall after their famous debate? How crazy would a Northerner's and Southerner's Wall look after war broke out? What if they were brothers? The ongoing debate of the Constitution would be very cool to see through Facebook Wall posts. Use of the template doesn't stop at Social Studies, it can be used in Science Class as well.

Science Class could be a blast as students create profiles for animals or even elements on the periodic table. Oxygen is in a relationship with Hydrogen. :-) Other bonds could be created and broken and students could find pictures that represent the elements they have chosen. Allowing students to explore different connections with the elements might help them remember these concepts for an exam. It might take a bit more creativity to come up with different profiles, but kids are great at projects like these. The harder they think about the profile, the longer the information will be stuck in their mind.

There are many different ways that this template can be used in the classroom to allow students to explore a different way of learning. Students can have a better experience with the material if their are allowed to "play" with it. Let them create with the information you provide in class and they will have an easier time recalling it later in class.

I hope you enjoyed the different sites I pulled together over break. I want to give a shout out to my PLN for sharing these great resources with me and the world. You make all of us better teachers by sharing. Please feel free to leave me a comment or suggest a helpful site you want others to see.

- @TheNerdyTeacher