Thursday, April 1, 2010

Great Youtube Editing Tool: Tube Chop

Here is a great site for teachers that want to show some youtube videos but might only want to show certain selections. Tubechop is a website that lets you take any youtube clip and chop it down to size. It is very simple to use and does not take very long. Just select the video you want, select the portion you want to watch and click the chop button. You will be given a link or a code to embed into a website. Below you will find a chopped version of The Ghostbusters Music Video by Ray Parker Jr. The orginal clip has an extra minute at the end that I don't need to see, so I chopped it out. Take a look at the video.

For those that like to show video of interviews or clips from movies, this is a great way to condense that information. No longer will you have to waste class time searching for the right part of the clip you want to show. You can set it up ahead of time and post on your website for kids to use safely.


  1. This is really nice for embedding video for an assignment. I used Tube chop just yesterday for this very reason!

  2. Fantastic link! I'm going to have to spend some time this weekend playing around with this :)

  3. This sounds very handy! Often we find videos that are great except for one little thing that we wish we could edit out for our elementary age kids. Going to have to try this out. Thanks!

  4. You can try, it's like Tubechop but it's embedded on Facebook and you can save your clip as a gif !


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