Wednesday, April 28, 2010

iPod Touches in the Classroom

Here are some links that people requested I forward along after I requested some info on using iPod Touches in the classroom. I was given some great links and will pst others as I receive them.

I'm excited about the information I have looked over. There is some support in my district to use the iPod touches in the classroom. These links might push those on the fence over.

If you have any good links or lessons that you have used, please post a comment or hit me up on Twitter. I teach High School English, but any grade level or subject would be great. The more the better.

Have a great day everyone!

iPod Touch Ning

Wiki on iPod Touches in the Classroom

Shakespeare Rome and Juliet App

Research on 1-1 Computers in the classroom.



  1. Thanks for the links. I always appreciate more information on integrating the iPod Touch because of the enthusiasm I get from students. If they would help anyone, I made some video tutorials on ways to use the iPod Touch in the classroom that are posted on my blog.

  2. I love my iPod touch and can see great use for them in the classroom. Thanks for the links (good to see Maryna Badenhorst's stuff, another teacher from Victoria, Australia).

  3. Thanks for the great links, Nick! I'm trying to spread my two cents that I think iPod touches are a great idea in the classroom -- often resistance simply comes from a lack of information (but you've fixed that!)

  4. Thank you for collecting these all in one place, fantastic grouping of links for the iPod Touch. I wrote an online magazine about using iPods in education, you can find it here:

  5. I'm excited about using the iPod touch in the classroom, but I'm holding out for a model that includes a camera. Hopefully I'll be able to join the fun soon!


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